Wednesday, May 25, 2022
EntertainmentTHEATRE - Who Is Daniel King? at Assembly Rooms

THEATRE – Who Is Daniel King? at Assembly Rooms

[star rating =3/5]

Is Daniel King the dancing queen? He is so endearingly engrossed in himself and his desires and dreams to become a dancer.

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While friends and family, (and indeed the audience) think he is deluded, Daniel’s innocent childlike belief in his dancing talents take him on his own journey.

He is overwhelmed and captivated by his ‘dancing hips’ and dreams of owning his own chain of ‘Daniel King Dance School‘’s, as he prepares to compete in a local dancing competition.

The story of Daniel’s discontent moves through his home life, work life and friendships, but when he’s met with a lack of comfort and understanding, he reveals his inner self by enthusiastically gyrating to the lucky (?) front row.

Although he could have been having an amusing fit, of sorts. The story and acting make this show entertaining and charming with the car crash story of, actually, who is Daniel King?

It’s a simple no frills set with an easy balance of humour and vanity, but I think in this case, perhaps Daniel King, those hips did lie.

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