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5 Unique and exciting things to do in the Philippines


The holiday of your dreams is just around the corner – and you can’t wait to embrace everything the Philippines have to offer. But since you’re a true adventurer at heart, you’re on the lookout for less of the touristic hot spots and more of the exciting ways to explore the archipelago.

Whether you’re an adrenaline seeker, a snorkelling fanatic or always in the mood for a relaxation opportunity, here are 5 unique and exciting things to do in the Philippines.

  1. Treasures of the Ocean: Visit a Cultured Pearl Farm 

A holiday in the Philippines gives you the opportunity to opt for a visit to a pearl farm and pick a one-of-a-kind souvenir: a radiant pearl.

Pearl jewellery including pearl earrings and pendants are some of the most popular souvenirs in the Philippines and the reason is that pearl harvesting is at its peak in the area, especially around the Cullion Island.

coastline in Philippines
Image Cris Tagupa on Unsplash

What you’ll get out of your visit: loads of knowledge about pearl farming, the mandatory radiant gem of the sea and, optionally, a diving experience like no other. 

  1. Have an Unforgettable Lunch at Waterfalls Restaurant

What’s more exciting than enjoying a traditional meal in a mesmerizing location? If unforgettable meals are on your bucket list when visiting the Philippines, this one’s a must: a lunch in the middle of the Villa Escudero resort plantation, where the famous Waterfalls Restaurant is located, complete with bamboo tables and cook stations, right near the rushing waters of the Labasin Falls. What to order: the barbequed chicken, served on banana leaves. 

  1. Relax in a Giant Wok-Like Hot Tub

If your favourite way of relaxing after a strenuous sightseeing day while on holiday is a hot bath, then this next exciting activity is calling your name.

The outdoor hot tub traditionally known as kawa takes baths to a whole new level – and you can get the full experience in Tibiao, Antique. Made out of ultra-thick cast iron, the bath looks creepily similar to a pot on the stove – and that’s pretty much what it is, which means that you’ll enjoy the hottest and, according to most, most relaxing hot bath experience of your life. 

Image John Hernandez on Unsplash
  1. Have the Swim of Your Life in the Coral Garden

Divers and snorkelling aficionados unite, as this next activity needs to be on top of your must-do list. Few places in the world can top the experience you get when opting for a trip to the Coron Island – and, more precisely, to the Coral Garden.

The name says it all: you’ll get to see some of the most striking corals in the world, plus hundreds of different fish species, so make sure you’ve got your underwater camera on hand. Extra tip: opt for one of the tours that also include a stop to the nearby shipwrecks in order to get the full exciting experience. 

  1. Seek the Thrill with a Snake Massage at Davao Croc Park

This next adventure might not make the cut for most by-the-book travellers, but if you’re a true thrill seeker, it simply doesn’t get any better than this: a snake massage!

While this might be a less conventional way to relax after a full day of walking around the islands, it’s certainly the most memorable one. If you’re welcoming the idea of having pythons that weigh probably half your weight to slither around you, then make sure not to miss this exciting opportunity in Davao City.