“A classic British welcome”. Son surprises mum after not seeing her for two years and is told: “F*** off!”


A SON who surprised his mum after not seeing her for two years received the heartwarming response: “F*** off!”

Connor McLaughlin travelled over 11,000 miles in 36 hours from Sydney to Clayton-le-Moors, Lancashire, for the secret reunion.

The 26-year-old, who had managed to keep the trip secret despite five months of planning, crept in to the Hare and Hounds pub in his home town.

But Connor didn’t get the initial response he was expecting from his stunned mother, who turned the air blue before getting up to embrace him.

Connor, who flew in on Friday and pulled the stunt the following day, posted the footage to Twitter with the caption: “Two years, two f****** years I haven’t seen my parents.

“I’ve just travelled over 11,000 miles, it took over 36 hours, and the first thing she says to me is f*** off.

“It’s good to be home.”

Connor’s video has been seen by over 600,000 people with over 37 likes and over 5,000 retweets.

The clip begins with Connor walking in filming the floor before moving his camera up where you can see his family and friends chatting away at the table.

Suddenly, they all stop and his mother, Carol, 52, looks at him trying to figure out who he is before she realises and says: “F*** off. What are you doing here?”

One of Connor’s uncles, Chris Chamley, can be seen sitting in the seat looking stunned before Connor can be heard saying: “Surprise.”

When the 26-year-old got in to the Hare and Hounds pub in his home town, his mother looked very surprised

His mother in disbelief sits in the seat with her hands on her face shocked unable to figure out what is happening before being encouraged to hug Connor who is then hugged by his dad, Tim.

He is finally embraced by his mother who asks him when he got there before reiterating her shock by saying: “Oh my God.”

@AFSASTWEETS wrote under Connors post: “A classic British welcome.”

@Colette_AFC said: “Brilliant, bless her I can’t imagine not seeing my child in over two years. I’d be screeching, you’re lucky that’s all she said.The shock on her face on all their faces priceless.”

@mrbonetti1983 added: “That’s a proper north west welcome home. F*****g fantastic.”

Speaking today, Connor said: “I didn’t fully know what to make of the reaction. It was just surreal to finally see them after so long.

“I don’t think it clicked right away that it was me because it took her a few seconds to process who I was and then the shock kicked in and I got the reply of ‘f**k off’ spoken like a true northern mother and possibly the most British response ever.

“I’ve had this planned to surprise them since February, so it’s been pretty hard to keep it a secret for so long from everyone because none of my friends knew either, so I surprised all of them.

Connor (pictured in the black top) with his father Tim (to his left), his mother (centre with dark hair) and other friends an family (C) Connor McLaughlan

“I landed Friday night but because they work nights I couldn’t get in my house because I no longer have a key so I had to crash at my friends house for a night. He wasn’t home either, so his mum let me stay. Then the following day I came to surprise everyone.

“It was friends and family at the pub. I texted my uncle about three hours before letting him know I’m back and asked where everyone will be so I could surprise them. So he text me the location and time. I got ready and headed down.”