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COMEDY – A Gay and a NonGay return to the Fringe

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AFTER last year’s big success at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the award winning LGBTQ+ comedy podcast A Gay and a NonGay presented by incredibly funny and energetic hosts JAMES BARR (Gay) and DAN HUDSON (NonGay) is back, with a good mixture of comedy material and brilliant guest speakers.

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The show which was recorded live for the podcast, discusses the issues affecting Gay and NonGay people and tries to steer away from the traditional stereotypes that can be found on both sides of this spectrum.

Everyone knows the saying, “Don’t knock it until you try it!” and no one takes this to heart more than Dan as he walks around the audience offering them his freshly made cum cakes whilst getting them warmed up by enthusiastically discussing seamen inspired recipes from what he refers to as one of his favorite cook book’s – Natural Harvest.

As this goes on James seems rather reluctant to join in on the fun and looks away with disgust whilst apologizing to the audience for being forced to witness one of the worst episodes of “Cum Dine with Me”. This turns out really well as it deals with the idea of switching the traditional stereotypes where gay would be considered the ones to enjoy such topics.

The first special guest on the show is the incredibly flamboyant and charismatic comedy-writer JACK ROOKE, well known to the audience for using humor to delve on issues surrounding grief and loss.

Talking to James and Dan, Jack discusses his coming out, the struggles of growing up gay in a predominantly heterosexual society and the issues of mental health and its effects on gays and non-gays alike.

This already hilarious dialogue accompanied by Dan playing on his “hetero” gaze and the audience using snappy comments and remarks to interact with the performers keeps everyone entertained and eager to see more.

The second special guest of the show was the brilliant BBC Radio 1’s presenter duo ALIX FOX and RIYADH KHALAF who talk to James and Dan as they discuss their podcast Unexpected Fluids and Riyadh’s new book Yay! You’re Gay! Now What? A Gay Guy’s Guide to Life.

Both Alix and Riyadh come across as professional, intelligent yet hilarious, deliver a sharp performance filled with enough fresh and bold material to keep everyone entertained to the end of the show and beyond.

Despite the show having some technical issues, the overall structure was clear and easy to follow.

From the cheesy and sassy humour to the somewhat ridiculous remarks on use of seamen, you’ll surely leave this show feeling positive and entertained.

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