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COMEDY – A letter to Alex Hylton’s mum about his show Get Rich or Die Cryin’

At the end of the show, Alex Hylton requested that all of his reviews be addressed to his mum because, as of yet, she’s the only one who seems to read them!

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Dear Carol,

During his show Get Rich or Die Cryin’ at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Alex was looking very put together. He was wearing a freshly ironed shirt and I think he’s eating well. What I was shocked to see is why his show isn’t more popular. I don’t think you should be the only person reading his reviews. Hopefully more people will read this one.

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Alex bases most of his act around the struggles of being poor, or more specifically, being middle class poor.

With his love for Aldi, his compromise of purchasing own-brand yoghurt and his struggle to escape thoughts of self-doubt he mirrors many 20-30 year olds who should, with all their privilege, be doing much better.

Whether it’s recounting his emo phase as a teenager, sharing anecdotes of being a very naughty vegetarian or confessing his enjoyment of lying naked on his fabric sofa, his honesty is relatable and refreshing.

Alex will teach you the rules of his new game ‘too easy’ and speculate about how he landed his unique ‘lorry driver’ voice.

He will very likely have you in stitches for the whole hour if you grab a seat to see him at the glamorous location of Meeting Room B.

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