COMEDY – Nina Gilligan – Broad Shoulders at Just the Tonic


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I STRONGLY suggest you join Nina Gilligan as she takes you through the story of her turbulent childhood, and revel in her brutal honesty and charming sass.

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This is the crème de la crème of Mum humour. Nina was adopted primarily for being Ginger and she is now searching for any blood relatives – beware your DNA may be swabbed if you attend this show (especially if you have red hair).

It is the intensity of Nina’s truth that emanates and shines throughout her entire performance. In a wonderful display of storytelling, she lays it all out from the bottom of her heart.

Regardless of what age group you belong to Nina Gilligan’s Broad shoulders has something to offer everyone.With her relevance and broad range of topics, Nina transcends any perceived age barrier effortlessly.

Or to steal her terminology she is no Milfo (mum I like to f*** off).