Horrifying moment rental van driver almost hits woman halfway across pedestrian crossing – but police “did nothing” for 18 months


HORRIFYING video shows a rental van driver come within inches of knocking down a woman halfway across a pedestrian crossing.

But the man who filmed the clip claims police told him they would not investigate unless the woman involved had actually been hit.

The near-miss was filmed by Ahmed Darwish in Stretford, Greater Manchester, last January but he has decided to release the footage now after giving up hope that the police will ever take action.

He said today: “I went to the police station and I showed them the footage and gave them the reg and the company name.

“But they turned around and said, ‘Was the woman hit’?, I said, ‘No’, and then they said that they can only trace the driver if the women herself reports him.”

He added: “It really, really upsets me that the police didn’t do anything about it.

“I mean just think about what would of happened if that van hit that lady she would of died straight away.”

The footage begins with Ahmed emerging from a junction.

As he approaches the end of the road, a woman in a green coat is seen approaching a zebra crossing.

As Ahmed pauses at the junction, the woman begins to cross the road.

The van swerves into the other side of the road to avoid the woman, who jumps back in alarm.

She makes it half way across before a van speeds past the junction and into her path.

The van swerves into the other side of the road to avoid the woman, who jumps back in alarm.

The driver misses her by mere inches, before speeding off down the road.

Having narrowly avoided death or serious injury, the woman can be seen staring after the vehicle in disbelief for a couple of seconds before continuing to cross the road.

After witnessing the terrifying moment, Ahmed rushed after the van to get its registration details to report the driver.

Ahmed says the van hire company, Limesquare Vehicle Rental, did not take any action.

Ahmed took to social media to share the shocking video, posting the clip with the caption: “What are people’s thoughts about this van driver who nearly killed this lady crossing the road”.

One viewer commented: “What a lunatic.”

Another wrote said: “He didn’t even stop. What a t*****.”

And another urged: “Report him before someone gets killed please.”

Greater Manchester police said they could not comment without an incident number.