Monday, June 27, 2022
EntertainmentCOMEDY - Jamie Oliphant: There’s an Oliphant in the Room at The Tron

COMEDY – Jamie Oliphant: There’s an Oliphant in the Room at The Tron

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IF YOU’VE been caught up in the whirlwind that is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe & have no idea what to go and see next, if every genre is merging into one and you now can’t tell the difference between one basement venue from another then STOP. Put everything down, take a deep breath & go see Jamie Oliphant @ the Tron.

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I happened to stumble across his show completely by chance, but it has turned out to be the best Fringe show I’ve seen this year. The show is about his experience as a classroom assistant in West London and he provides great evidence about how children are in fact, the most successful manipulators. He delves into observational comedy about life in the classroom before quickly dividing the room with his opinions on the ending of the Lion King.

His whole performance was friendly and personable and by the end (I won’t ruin it) we were all rooting for him, we laughed with him, not at him and the comedy was something we could all relate too which was refreshing considering most of us live normal lives and can’t keep up with the over exaggerated stories some comedians try to pass.

I have recommended this show to anyone that will listen and if you see nothing else in the last week of the Festival Fringe, make sure to see this.

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