DIY genius as woman uses 30 sample wallpapers to create stunning feature wall


A CUNNING home decorator created a stunning feature wall for £3.50 – by collecting dozens of free wallpaper samples and cutting out the bits she wanted.

Michelle Andersen spent two days visiting seven DIY shops to amass a collection of 30 samples.

The 39-year-old then cut hexagonal shapes from the samples and arranged them to cover up a sparkly pink wall at her home in Chester.

Michelle Andersen spent two days visiting seven DIY shops to amass a collection of 30 samples.

Her only outlay, apart from the four days she spent on the project, was the template she used to create the shapes.

The kitchen assistant was so pleased with the finished product, she took to Facebook to share the images.

She wrote: “Sharing my summer DIY projects. Collecting sample wallpapers from DIY shops. Traced around the hexagon shape, Cut and pasted to the wall. Stuck them on with Blu-Tack first to position them right.”

Fellow DIY enthusiasts have responded with amazement to the post.

One user commented: “Love the wallpaper, what an amazing idea.”

Another wrote: “Wow, just wow!”

And another supporter added: “This looks amazing!! Wish I had the patience.”

Michelle Andersen

Speaking today, Michelle said she had saved about £100.

She said: “Some wallpapers are expensive, and if you decorate every year or two then it can be costly. Also if this gets damaged or ripped in any way it is so much easier to change one hexagon.”

Creative Michelle also shared photos of some of her other projects in the Facebook post.

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Another shows how she has completely transformed her living room sideboard with a lick of Wilko cupboard paint.

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