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THEATRE – 1902: “so brilliant it could make a Hearts fan proud of Hibernian FC”

A play so brilliant it could make a Heart of Midlothian fan proud of Hibernian FC (well this one anyway).

The football is just the beginning.  [star rating =5/5]

Image courtesy of Zaira Di Palma

1902 is a brilliant production that fully immerses its audience in a time capsule and takes them back to Hibernians cup success in 2016.

Written and performed by NATHAN DUNN (Deeks), the play focuses on a group of Hibernian supporters in their quest to see Hibernian play in the Scottish cup final.

The play takes you through the highs and lows of football and life itself in a beautifully written script that unearths the challenges that some people face in their twenties.

The play is performed in the Wee Red Bar. A small and intimate venue which could not be more perfect for the production. Upon arriving at the door, I was warned that I would not be able to leave my seat until the play had finished, as it is an ‘immersive experience’. 

I have to be honest and say that when I took my seat I was not expecting to feel totally captivated by this performance, but once the play began I was taken in, and felt fully involved in the theatrics.

During 1902the audience are part of the stage set up, which is a small bar with a few tables scattered around and a group of chairs at the back of the venue. The venue was a perfect way to immerse the audience and really make them feel part of the show.

The show is an hour and fifteen-minute display of raw acting and sheer brilliance. The chemistry between the actors is phenomenal.

You can tell the cast are having fun while performing and this in turn creates a brilliant atmosphere for the audience.

The play was so immersive and the characters so authentic that the audience were really able to experience the story alongside them, from the ecstasy of securing tickets to the cup final to the rock bottom lows of dealing with loss.

The transitions between emotions of certain scenes is what shows the calibre of acting in this piece. You can be taken from sheer hilarity to complete sadness and compassion for the characters.

What I loved especially about the show is that the transitions between scenes are so smooth and effortless. There is no awkward resetting of scenes or waiting about, the show is continuously on the move which helps massively with the element of immersion. 

The audience was really captivated by the talent from this young group of actors, NATHAN DUNN (Deeks), GREGOR COPELAND (Sambo), CAMERON DOCKER (Zippy), JOSH BROCK (Frankie), JONNY TULLOCH (Craig), ELLA STOKES (Mags), COLIN MACDONELL (Tony), SANDY BAIN (The musician), all played a role in retaining a level of suspense and the attention of their guests throughout.

The play deals with many themes, from brotherhood to addiction. It also explores the similarities between the addiction of football to the addiction of drugs. It shows a group of young adults all struggling with a problem, but all unified by their motivation to be better.

The show is simply an amazing display of theatre.

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