Fringe actor posts defiant snap of his pink trousers after suffering vile homophobic abuse in middle of Edinburgh


AN Edinburgh Festival Fringe performer has revealed he suffered sickening homophobic abuse for wearing pink trousers.

Brett Sinclair, from Ealing, London, was branded a “fag” and a “batty boy” by a group of yobs who were drinking in the street on Wednesday afternoon.

Brett, 24, who was flyering for his show at the time, posted a defiant message on social media vowing not to be cowed by the abuse.

Together with a picture of him wearing the pastel pink trousers, he wrote: “I was walking around Edinburgh today in these pink trousers.

Man in pink trousers
The pink trousers in question

“I thought I looked quite nice but sadly some men didn’t and decided to yell some homophobic abuse at me.

“Guess what? Still wearing them. I don’t care who you are. On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”

Brett gave a more detailed explanation of the incident today, saying: “I was happily walking past with my cast mate who was about a stone’s throw in front of me.

“We were both flyering for our show, and one of them yells, ‘Oi bruv, what the f*** are those’?

“And they all begin to laugh. I stopped and turn to look, and then the other two begin with the slurs, saying them to each other and me – a fag, batty boy, the list goes on.”

“I was just so shocked that anyone would say anything like that right in the middle of the fringe!

“I mean the pants are pretty loud but I’m guessing I wasn’t the most elaborately dressed person that day.”

The photo, which has since clocked up almost 22,000 likes online, shows Brett proudly posing in his pink trousers paired with a striking leopard jacket.

But while Brett insists the experience has not put him off the city, many social media users were outraged.

Christina Grimwade replied: “Dude you’re rocking them. Ignore them, they were just jealous they have no fashion sense and dressing up for them is not wearing a football shirt.”

Julie Michele added: “Well those males obviously aren’t ‘man enough’ to wear pink trousers themselves and took their insecurities out on you but you didn’t let them beat you or dull your shine so good for you.”

And @rosesunfold said: I wish people would just back off and let people do what they wanna do and wear what they wanna wear. It shouldn’t affect anyone else you look wonderful and I bloomin’ love your outfit! Sending love and good vibes to you.