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How to Efficiently Remodel a Small Bathroom

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Let’s say you’ve just had to call the pros for boiler repair services, and while they were at it, you realized that your small bathroom could really do with a remodel.

At this point, it’s incredibly important to ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of thinking that remodeling a small bathroom is fast and easy just because of the size.

Indeed, even a tiny bathroom usually has at least some, if not all, of the elements that a large one does, which means that the same professionals who would be required for a regular bathroom’s remodel, are needed for a small one.

In fact, you may just end up spending about 75% of the money and effort you’d spend on the former. However, the good news is that there are things you can do to lower both the cost and the time it takes for your lovely new bathroom to be done. 

Plan It Out

The first thing to do is to consider the kind of bathroom you’re dealing with, since this will influence the rest of the consideration you’ll need to take care of.

If it’s a powder room that you want remodeled, then you’re likely dealing with no more than a toilet, sink and door.

Since there are very few fixtures here, it won’t take a great deal of time to have it redone. In addition, because powder rooms are secondary bathrooms, you don’t have to rush.

If it’s a full bathroom you’re dealing with, it means you’ve got all the fixtures to worry about. In addition, it likely gets plenty of use, whether we’re talking about the master or the children’s bathroom, which means that you should make sure to purchase sturdy materials.  

Finally, if you’ve got a guest bathroom, you also have all the regular fixtures, but with the added advantage of not having to rush things, because this one isn’t used as often. In addition, you’ll also be able to use more economical materials, for the same reason. 

Who Will Be Using It?

Something else that will guide your decisions has to do with who will be using the bathroom. If it’s for you, then you may want to invest in materials and fixtures that are both beautiful and sturdy, because not only will you be getting a lot of use out of that space, but you’ll also have to look at it quite a few times. 

If the bathroom is meant for children, then you first off know that you’ll need a bathtub in place, rather than a shower.  In addition, you’ll need waterproof floors, as well as durable fixtures, since children are known to be less gentle than adults. 

If the bathroom is meant for guests, then, as mentioned previously, you can cut corners with materials. In addition, the guest bathroom won’t need ample amount of storage, since it’s not going to be put to use.

Finally, you may be remodeling a bathroom for an elderly or disabled individual. If this is the case, then you should pay close attention to safety aspects. You may need grab bars, no slip-flooring, as well as lower counters. 

Time and Money

As much as we may not like it, a quick remodel is a more expensive one. That’s because you’re going to need a general contractor for coordination, on top of other subcontractors. You can do the job of the general contractor if you feel qualified to, but this is going to lengthen the time needed to get the bathroom done. 


If you hire a contractor, he or she will give you a few choices for fixtures and materials. Of course, they will still come with a markup. With that in mind, your best bet is to do your own research and be on the lookout for discounted options. A great alternative if you’ve got the time and storage space is to purchase everything needed for the remodel ahead of time, as this will cost you less, and take much less time. 


Small spaces can be quite tricky, but there are ways in which you can save space. For instance, using a corner sink is a great example of making the most out of the little available space.

Another example is using a sliding door or shower curtain for the shower, as these don’t take up any space when opened. Finally, place a mirror on the entire wall on which the vanity is sitting, so that two people will be able to use it at the same time. 

Remodeling a small bathroom comes with its own sets of challenges, but the great news is that with a bit of planning and research, you can help make the process both faster and cheaper. 


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