Friday, July 1, 2022
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COMEDY – Harry and Chris, This one’s for the aliens at Underbelly Cowgate

Harry and Chris, This one’s for the aliens brings an hour of jazz-slam poetry, music, love and laughter to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

[star rating =5/5]

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Harry and Chris have an on stage chemistry that kicks off at a feverish pace; from spoken word/acoustic fusion and freestyle rap to sharing invaluable knowledge such as “human babies don’t have knees”.

They blend infectious songs with sharp clever word play and have the audience singing along to catchy tunes about being in a warm and watery womb.

Endearingly they navigate us to singing about something we all have in common “being in a womb”, to something we have yet to have in common, “we’ll all be in a tomb”.

There are few subjects that are harder to turn into comedy, but with genius timing and delivery, Harry and Chris have the audience bonding in an angelic choir full of laughter.

They have a wonderful sense of, silly, family-friendly, uplifting humour with expert word play and pun runs smuggled into lyrics.

Their show is unique, intelligent and very entertaining, that does indeed enlighten the soul.

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