Terrifying moment three vehicles swerve and brake check in A1 road rage incident


SHOCKING video shows three vehicles swerving towards each other and brake-checking in a terrifying road rage incident filmed on the A1. 

A black van deliberately swerves towards a BMW in the fast lane, forcing it to take evasive action. Moments later the same van driver swerves towards the slow lane to stop the BMW getting past.

Paul Jean captured the incident on his dash cam whilst on the A1

A silver Audi is also involved in the mayhem on the dual carriageway near Doncaster, South Yorkshire, appearing to actually collided with the BMW.

Paul Jean caught the incident yesterday evening (Mon) on the southbound A1 near the turn-off to Burghwallis.

He wrote: “I’m sure after I passed them the van smashed into the back of the BMW as he slammed his anchors on.

“Absolute pair of a********, could have killed anyone.”

Others were quick to point out that the Audi was also at fault. 

One person said: “All I saw was the VW and the Audi side swipe the BMW. BMW didn’t do anything wrong didn’t even retaliate.”

Another man said: “Can’t believe I’m saying this… but I didn’t see the BMW do much wrong.”

One user wrote: Maybe the BMW p***** off the Audi and the van somehow? We don’t know what happened before to lead up to it, but that was simply disgraceful driving all around, and it put many people’s lives in danger.

“Motorways are not the places for behaviour like this. It’s not a game. That van driver especially needs to be taken off the road.”

Image: Facebook

Another user added: “Bloody hell, I’ve seen plenty of bad driving in my time but that takes the p***!

“Looks like they’re all in on it together trying to do crash for cash!”

One user also said: “Van driver is an absolute t***! No matter what happened in his behaviour was disgusting. Serious anger management issues there…”