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What to wear on a private jet charter


If you are about to take your first (or your 100th) private jet charter flight, you might be wondering about what to pack and what to wear. Travelling by private plane is always a great experience, and many passengers choose to dress the part when flying in such an elite manner.

Image: Wikimedia commons user, Nils

When you are deciding what to wear on your star flight you should think carefully about comfort, style and, above all, sophistication. Most private plane passengers opt for lightweight garments with a soft, silky feel – the type of clothing that caresses your skin and resists wrinkles. After all, when you’re in a seated position for hours on end, you need clothing that looks great when you land!

Of course, what you are wearing is only a small part of how you look and feel when you arrive at your final destination – your skin tells the complete story of your journey. Late nights, boozy drinks, long working hours, and international flights can all wreak havoc on your facial skin, not to mention the skin all over your body.

If you want to arrive looking – and feeling – your very best, consider some of these suggestions about what to wear and how to take care of your skin on a private jet charter.