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BPO Philippines – Much More Than Just Contact Centres

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Contact centres, usually taking the form of the classic call centre, is a booming industry in the Philippines. While contact centres, dealing with customer needs and issues, are extensive and growing, there is more to the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. People need to think big because BPO can encompass more than merely answering customer phone calls.

A call centre primarily handles BPO tasks that fall into two categories: inbound and outbound customer interactions. This is a useful way of thinking about outsourcing that occurs. Inbound processes would be anything that involves customers attempting to contact a company. Outbound processes include things like a call centre contacting consumers for marketing or sales-related purposes. This is only a limited view of the numerous other BPO options. External organizations that have the infrastructure in place, to handle certain corporate functions, provide an affordable option for the company in need. 

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BPOs are organizations that provide front and back-office services on a 24/7 basis. KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) is a sub-section of BPO that focuses more on attaining information and sharing their data. Some companies are in need of research, while others need something much less creative, like litigation support or business analytics. Regardless of what your business needs, it is basically a guarantee that there is some BPO organization in the Philippines capable of fulfilling that need. Call centres are common and efficient, but their scope of skills is restricted and refined to a few basic functions. The BPO industry is vast, by comparison, with organizations like PITON-Global providing clients from around the world the opportunity to have any business process completed in a timely and cost-efficient manner. 

Contact centres handle telecommunications-related tasks that have been outsourced. BPO services can include the functions of a contact centre, but they are able to fulfil way more tasks. Consider market research, tech support, sales, marketing, accounting, data collection, and even management task needs. Companies could not approach call centres with any of this. 

According to the Inquirer earlier this year, there are six primary types of BPO services in the Philippines. Call centre, data entry, human resources, information technology, accounting, and procurement services. Basic customer communication is a part of BPO, but for the Philippines, there is so much more available. Almost any and every aspect of a business could be affordably outsourced if the resources are not available for any given part of a company to succeed. 

Between cutting labour costs and introducing a multitude of options for completing numerous tasks, BPO services in the Philippines are filling in the gaps for many companies overseas. Do not think of the Philippines as the call centre capital of the world, because they are the apex of many other outsourcing services too.


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