Samantha Louise Emery returns to The Other Art Fair exhibiting a multimedia portrait of Caitlin Moran


Artist Samantha Louise Emery is set to exhibit multimedia portrait of author and journalist Caitlin Moran at The Other Art Fair in October as part of Art Below.

Samantha is exhibiting her work at The Other Art Fair, Image supplied

Caitlin Moran is one of ten in Emery’s portrait series IKONA | Mirrored Interior featuring the influential female trailblazers who have inspired the artist throughout her life. After creating original digital artworks from photographs of her chosen muses and superimposing imagery of her own body, the artist instinctively paints and embroiders directly onto the printed canvas. Through her layering of pigment and texture the artist intricately translates her perception of her subjects’ unique voice, expression and aura. 

Emery’s work conveys a powerful message about female solidarity and empowerment. By including a self-portrait in each of her portraits, she seeks to keep in touch with her own evolution as a woman as well as highlighting the importance for all women to regard themselves as modern muses.

Emery is currently working on her next series IKONA | Wise Women which will showcasecultural activists, journalists and filmmakers amongst others, who through their work are inspiring women to rise to their highest potential.