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“This is why I hate tourists!” Road hog in campervan almost causes head-on smash overtaking on blind bend

SHOCKING video shows a road hog in a campervan overtake traffic on a blind bend – almost hitting an oncoming car with a baby on board.

The terrifying incident happened on part of the North Coast 500 route near near Bettyhill, Sutherland.

Jess Uprichard says the lives of her two-month-old baby and five-year-old child were put in serious danger.

The clip shows Jess approaching a blind corner. The dash cam footage clocked that she was driving less than 40mph on a 60mph road.

As she turns the corner a white campervan with a 19 plate comes into view in her lane as it attempts to overtake other vehicles.

Within seconds the two vehicles are head to head and Jess slams on the brakes.

The black car that the camper was trying to over take brakes and swerves to their left.

Jess also swerves to her left to avoid a front-on collision and ends up driving into the cliffside and hitting a rock.

The camper is forced to slow down but simply squeezes through the two halted vehicles and then proceeds to just drive off.

The camper is forced to slow down but simply squeezes through the two halted vehicles and then proceeds to just drive off.

The incident took place on 29 August on the A836, Sutherland. Jess and her kids were driving West, and the camper was driving East on the popular North Coast 500 tourist route.

Jess’s husband Neil Uprichard posted the clip to Facebook writing: “If anyone wants to know why I hate tourists… this absolute idiot did this to Jess and the kids this afternoon outside Bettyhill.

“If anyone happens to see this campervan parked up in Caithness this evening please let me know.”

Other Facebook users were equally angered by the video.

Jill Jenks wrote: This is a disgrace! They could have been killed.”

Donnie Robson wrote: “Holy s***. That as a close one. Bloody idiot needs a good kicking for that.”

Isobel Stronach wrote: “That’s terrifying, I hope Jess is ok! Some people are total a********!

Others praised Jess for her driving skills.

Jess also swerves to her left to avoid a front-on collision and ends up driving into the cliffside and hitting a rock.

Stewart McPhail wrote: “Well done jess, I am so pleased you are all ok. Let’s hope they find the idiot driver.”

Lorraine Hook wrote: “So so shocking. I’ve gone cold just watching that. Thank god they are all ok. Well done to Jess on managing that situation so well. Best wishes to you all.”

Speaking today Neil said: “My wife and kids were in the car, they’re all ok.

“It’s just typical of the roads up here, stuff like this happens on a weekly basis and someone is going to get killed.

“The North Coast 500 is not suitable for all of the campervans which are on it, and these people don’t know how to drive those vehicles up here.

“The campervan didn’t stop but they have been reported to the police and the police told me they have found them.

“The car was ok, just a few scratches but one of the tyres was ripped up from the rocks on the road.

“Another one of the drivers which you can see in the clip got in touch after the footage went online and said that they would happily provide a police statement because they had already seen the camper do another dangerous overtake before this one.”

The North Coast 500 (NC500) was launched by Prince Charles’ North Highland Initiative four years ago to breathe new life into some of the remotest and most economically fragile areas of the Scottish Highlands.

Since then, more than 29,000 visitors have been brought to the Highlands, which has boosted the economy by £9m but despite this the majority of residents view it negatively – according to a study by Highlands and Islands Enterprise released in February this year.

Highlands and Islands Police have been contacted for comment.

Police Scotland confirmed they are looking into the incident.

A spokesman said: “The incident has been reported to Police Scotland and enquiries are ongoing.”

Road policing officers have spoken to nearly 300 road users during dedicated patrols on the North Coast 500 between Tuesday and Thursday this week.

The operation – carried out by locally based road policing officers along with colleagues from elsewhere in Scotland – was aimed at carrying out enforcement on the route, as well as offering advice to foreign drivers.

A total of 285 vehicles were stopped on the A9, A99  A835, A836 and the A838 in Caithness and Sutherland.

This resulted in 41 offences which were dealt with by way of a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty and reports to the Procurator Fiscal, while a further 118 drivers were warned regarding motoring offences.

The main offence detected was speeding with 18 offences and 67 warnings being given.

Road Policing Sergeant Gus Murray said: “Despite it being later in the summer season, the NC500 continues to attract a large number of visitors and local communities continue to raise concerns with about the manner of driving on the route.

“A large number of the drivers stopped were not used to driving on single track roads and advice was given regarding not holding up following traffic. We also distributed Driving in Scotland leaflets and wrist bands to the foreign drivers stopped, they all appeared to appreciate the advice given to them.”

Sergeant Murray added: “Disappointingly a large number of offences were detected while carrying out enforcement work on the route,

“These offences included careless driving, using a mobile telephone, failing to wear a seat belt, no insurance, no driving licence as well as other road traffic offences.

“Of the 41 offences that were detected 18 of those were for speeding, mainly in 30mph limits.

“This included a 19-year-old male who has been reported for driving at 55mph in a 30mph limit and an hour later was again stopped for speeding at another location by the same officers”

“The popularity of the NC500 means that visitors are attending all year round we will continue to carry out dedicated patrols in order to positively influence driver behaviour of visitors and local residents alike.”

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