Hilarious moment sister tries to scare sibling but ends up terrifying pet dog


HILARIOUS video shows a law student try to frighten her sleeping sister only to leave the family pooch petrified instead.

Megan Judge creeps up on her slumbering sibling and unleashes a blood-curdling scream.

But while the intended victim of the prank barely flinches, the family pet pops up her head and is obviously quaking with fear.

Megan, who had forgotten Holly was resting nearby, then has to try to calm down down the traumatised canine, saying: “Oh I’m sorry Holly, I’m sorry.”

Megan, from Glasgow, then uploaded the footage to Twitter with the caption: “Tried to give my sister a fright and forgot Holly was there. Howling.”

@Xkimgallacher responded online: “Naw this is f****** brilliant hahahahaha.”

Poor Holly got a huge fright

@flapzillaa commented: “Hahaha I wanna thank you because I never usually laugh this hard at videos fair play.”

@laurenpyrahx said:  “The way her head just pops up.”

@breeze_henry commented: “Poor doggo.”

Sarah Farmer said: “Howling hahahahah

Emma Moore commented: “Awk now that’s a sin poor Holly hahaha.”