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How many photos should a wedding photographer give you?

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Any couples who are planning for the big days knows how important it is to document your
special day. This is one of the questions that most people will be asking themselves. If you are like most couples, at some point you are going to be asking about this question.

Some of the couples expect to be given all of the photographs.While there are many people who would like to be given all of their photos, there are certain things and facts that you have to know:

1. Quantity vs Quality

There are certain photographers that will certainly give you all of your photos. Yes, even the ones with closed eyes or unflattering facial expressions. Generally speaking, you have to choose quantity of quality.

These types of photographers are generally not very professional and are not very concerned about the product delivery to you or even to their own reputation.

Most of them are photographers who are ridiculously low in price and appeal to couples who value price over anything else.

The point is that the less that the photographer give you, the more that the photos are good in quality.

This is because they will be able to focus their art and focus on those few photos. You
should check WURE Photographers for weddings or more information.

2. Less due to error
In general, photographers typically spending at least eight to nine hours of photography. It is very important to get a highly qualified photographer since there is no due over of your wedding date.

On average, there are 2000 – 4000 images that are captured on a wedding day, but they are delivered far less because of photographer error. There are many instances where even the most professional photographer can make a mistake.

This is all due to the simple reason that none of them are perfect. There are certain times in which there are errors in photography due to equipment error. This can range from a very minor one such as incorrect focus or even the camera malfunctioning

3. Unflattering facial expression

Most people feel very anxious being in front of the camera and this nervousness can result in rapid blinking or unflattering facial expressions. This is the reason that photographers will take more than 5 or 100 photographers. This is especially when photographing people.

Another reason why the facial expression could be unflattering is because that there are lighting issues. Lighting is very important in order to produce a good quality photos. If the sunlight hits the lens on the right angle, it can create a lens flare that is very unflattering.

Or another simple reason that could affect the quality of the photos that your photographers take is your guest’s phones. When it is night and guests start taking photos with their own device, then the flashes can create a lot of problems. This is all become they produced sudden and unexpected bursts of light.

Picture of a camera
Photo by Ailbhe Flynn on Unsplash

4. Identical photos
A professional photographer would like to avoid taking photos that are nearly identical one to another. The photographer’s job includes having the ability to comb through multiple poses and identify if those poses are the same.

If they are, a professional photographer would remove it from the photo collection. Further, the photographer would also use his or her experience and skills to select the best image or two of each subject and setting.

When the photographer is sitting with a client, it is very easy for the client to feel overwhelmed with too many images to sort through.Another reason why there would be a lot of identical photos that your photographers took is that as a rule of thumb, photographers are going to take multiple or at least 3 images of their

In this way, they would still have a good photo with a good pose in case if there are some unflattering images or photos result.

Your photographer would later select which images that is best. However, if you wanted more, then your pay will increase. This is due to the fact that it means that your photographer will be wasting more time in the post-production stage.

5. Contract

Each of your photographer will have their own contract. When you first approach a
photographer, you will have to determine whether the style of the photographer suits your style of occasion or wedding. If it does, then you can work with many photos that the photographer will give you.

This is essential to be mentioned in the contract. If you wanted to have all of your photographs, then you can negotiate a contract in which you will be able to get all of the result of the photo of your wedding date.

If you would want to apply any changes or add effects to your photos, you should also ask this question while you were negotiating for your contract. You have to ask these questions because any additional effect that you apply might have changes the brand of the company that you are using.

So the real answer remains. How many photos that your photographers should be giving you? The answers that there are no definitive amount.

You can always talk to your photographer to specify how many clients that you would like to receive, and if those images would be proofs from which they will make final selections, or if you can receive all the proofs to keep.

The answer to this question will differ from one photographer to another as each photographer has their own style, and works within certain boundaries and creative art principles.

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