Two fire crews needed to rescue dog that got entire jaw stuck inside bone


TWO fire crews were called out to help a dog that got its entire lower jaw stuck inside a bone.

Remarkable pictures show Seeker’s lower front teeth exposed at one end of the bone which is stuck right up to her jaw.

The three-year-old was so determined to get at the marrow she somehow pushed her entire lower jaw through and then couldn’t get the bone off.

A crew from West Denton community fire station were called out to Seeker’s home in nearby Newburn, North Tyneside.

(C) Nina McDonough

They used wire cutters to try to remove the bone but needed help from another crew based at Swalwell, on the other side of the Tyne in Gateshead, to finish the job.

The second crew used an electric ring cutter to free the pooch following the incident on Wednesday.

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service uploaded the pictures the same day captioned with: “The firefighters were able to keep Seeker calm and used wire cutters to trim the bone to a point where they could remove it using an electric ring cutter.

“Seeker was left with her grateful owner uninjured – and by the look of the last photo, completely unfazed by the incident. What a chew on.” They finished it with hashtag not just for fires.

The images show a firefighter stroking the dog to relax it and keep it calm before another picture shows the dog on her back being held by a firefighter with orange gloves and another one with a tool in their hands used to cut it free.

Jan Coates wrote under their post: “Woofing good job, proof that real heroes don’t wear capes, well done, you’re the pride of Tyne and Wear.”

Margaret Hoggan added: “Oh my goodness.Unbelievable poor Seeker. Amazing work from our fire and rescue services.”

Pat Bell said: “Melts my heart to know we have such wonderful men and women in our emergency services. Brilliant job folks.”

Seeker after getting his mouth unstuck

Speaking today, Seeker’s owner Nina McDonough said: “She eats them often, originally I got it for my younger Collie dog Chunk for teething.

“I never had a problem before, never gave it a thought it would become stuck.

“Both dogs were in the hall, both quiet, nothing untoward, five minutes later, Seeker walks over, bone stuck lengthwise from throat to front teeth.

“I tried to manoeuvre it to release it but it was stuck solid. I began to panic as it’s getting on, my vet will be shut and the 24 hr one is a canny drive away.

“I’m alone and can’t get her to the car, the on call vet may be on another call or miles away. Seeker was at risk of swallowing her tongue if it slips out from underneath the bone.

“I worried she was going to choke to death, emergency services minutes away with cutting equipment.

“I know it wasn’t a fire, or a risk to life, but all that’s in my mind is that I can’t resuscitate a dog.”


A spokeswoman for Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service said: “The firefighters kept the dog calm by stroking it and did nothing to cause the dog any concern.”