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What to do in case you are a victim of fraud


Frauds have many forms and, unfortunately, they spread rapidly on the internet too. At an international scale, losses of billions of dollars are registered every year, even though the authorities are fighting against the worrying phenomenon.

According to recent statistics offered by UK Finance, approximately GBP 1.6 billion has been reported as losses in 2018, through fraud and scams. Victims of fraud should seek immediate legal advice from a fraud solicitor with experience in this field and also report to the police any fraud case.

Victims of online frauds – what you can do in such case

The internet has a major impact on our daily lives and there are numerous cases of persons who discover they have been scammed by simply accessing an unsecured link or responded to a suspicious email.

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The mechanism is quite simple when it comes to defrauding someone and persons can be fouled by a special offer, a promised big prize or a noble cause. For example, an email asking for charity or promising a huge amount of money in exchange for registration or form submission on different websites might be nothing but scams meant to access your personal information, including bank accounts.

Regrettably, victims of online frauds do not detect in time they have been robbed and left out of money. In such a situation, they should report the case to the police and ask for the legal support and representation of an experienced solicitor. The experience of an advisor will play a key role when creating the case for victims of frauds in front of the authorities.

 Telemarketing frauds can have a serious impact on victims

Even if it is an old fraud method, telemarketing harassment still makes numerous victims and register huge financial losses at an international level. Victims get trapped by the one-time offers presented over the phone, in exchange for money.

In most of the cases, victims find out they paid for products that do not exist or will never be delivered. Unfortunately, victims are convinced to offer personal details like name, address and bank accounts, enough information for fraudsters to get in action.

If you believe you are a victim of telemarketing frauds, it is highly recommended to get in touch with the police and report your problem in detail. Also, the support of a fraud solicitor will prove helpful right from the beginning, whether you are a victim of telemarketing fraud, identity theft or mortgage fraud. 

Persons are advised to pay attention to the “generous” offers on the internet and to the ones presented by door-to-door sellers and make some verifications about the products or companies involved prior giving personal details like bank accounts.

Safety first in any kind of situation is not a figure of speech, but the main recommendation for your protection against frauds.