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Tips for touring Europe with an infant by plane


Are you thinking of taking your infant with you as you go touring Europe? Wondering which are the best places to travel in Europe with a baby? How about the travel food for 1 year old baby? Well, in this simple but detailed travel guide, we will attempt to answer this and more pressing questions.

We know that a successful travel experience with your child is maybe the best addition to your baby books memories. What’s more, amid the nervousness, fear, and excitement, a well-planned trip will see your baby enjoy each moment. Therefore, here is all that you need to do to make your European tour a memorable experience!

  • Pick Out the Best Airplane Seats

If you are planning to board a plane for your trip, ensure that your baby gets the right seat. While you can still take the car seat, it is good to make sure that it is within the required standards. We have noticed that not all of them are suitable for such kind of travel.

Mother on plane with baby
Image: Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

On the other hand, if you decide to hold your young one while on the plane, book the aisle or window seats. Most airport accommodating services will help you to do so once you let them know that you are traveling with an infant.

  • Have the Right Luggage

Our next crucial point on this travel guide is how to pack your travel bag. If you are sitting on the same seat with your infant, there are a few luggage specifications to keep in mind. For instance, because your child is bound to get bored at one point during your trip, make sure you have some entertainment toys or gadgets with you. You could even carry some exciting children’s books to read and play with him or her.

Also, pack as many clothes as possible for your baby. Remember that babies require a proper change of clothes while on any trip, as they tend to get dirty as they play around. Within these clothes, have some warm and cozy attire to beat some cold weather of the new environment.

  • Consider the Baby’s Diet

It is best to travel with your baby food, especially if you are going to European countries that are prone to foodborne bacteria. Do not assume that baby food in Europe is the same as that of the United States of America. Why? Well, sometimes your child may refuse to eat the European cereals, posing a substantial dietary challenge and making your trip unbearable.

  • Carry the Best Baby Stroller

You will need to carry a comfortable baby stroller whenever you go for a European trip. The challenge is choosing the type of baby stroller. Now, when going on a short trip, have a light umbrella stroller, as it is not only affordable but also safe for transport.

As for some longer trips, which require sightseeing, have a durable and full-sized baby stroller. Although it is ordinarily clunky and heavy, it allows your child to enjoy a nap while you are on the move.

  • Vaccinating Your Child

If your baby needs a couple of shots, make sure he gets all of them within the right time. Some countries have specified the types of vaccines both you and your baby should have administered if you are planning a travel. In Europe, the most common vaccination for babies is that of mumps and measles.

Now, so as not to get confused about the kind of shot you need to give your baby, proper research is critical. Check to see if there is any travel health advisory within the right time. We have noticed that a majority of people do this when it is already too late. After all, some shots need a couple of months or weeks between vaccinations.

  • Does the Hotel Room Have a Baby Bed?

Even the most modern hotel accommodations may not have some baby cribs. So, in your traveling with baby checklist, ensure that you have booked the right accommodations. Call the restaurant or hotel you plan to spend the night and have them make the necessary arrangements. Here, we recommend that you get a corner room as not to anger others with the sounds of your baby crying.


These are all the essential things to keep in mind if you want your baby to have an exciting, healthy, and fruitful travel experience. It does not matter if you travel to Europe with 3 year old or one-year-old kids. With these six guidelines, you will have nothing to worry about.

So, now, do you think you have everything you need to make that long-awaited European trip with your baby?