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Top 5 ways athletes can benefit from CBD oil

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When it comes to supplements for enhancing performance, athletes aren’t strangers to them. There are countless products in the market, including BCAAs, protein powders, and stimulants, that helps in providing the athletes with an extra edge. 

New supplements are coming to the market to help athletes in improving their performance, and it is the same with CBD. 

CBD has a unique way of impacting the body, which helps in boosting performance, speeding up recovery, and reducing pain. 

Why Athletes should Consider CBD?

When you engage in a strenuous workout, there is a lot of stress the body has to endure in order to grow. Each session breaks the muscle fibres to help them grow again into a faster and stronger version. 

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People who push themselves hard know that the process is not simple and easy. At times, people push hard, which could sometimes get them off the game for a while. Injuries are also quite common in such scenarios. 

Even when an athlete is healthy, there are chances of having low energy levels because of being depressed or stressed. It could, in turn, affect the performance. At its extreme, anxiety, depression, and fatigue could significantly affect how the athlete performs overall. 

Fortunately, the presence of nutritional supplements has made it easy for people to deal with these challenges better. One of the newest forms of dietary supplement would be CBD. 

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is extracted from the plant called Cannabis Sativa. It is known to offer plenty of benefits to the health, some of them being – 

  •   Relieve pain
  •   Protect brain function and health 
  •   Enhance blood flow
  •   Reduce stress 
  •   Improve mod
  •   Combat oxidative damage 
  •   Fight inflammation 

With several potential benefits, an increasing number of athletes are opting for CBD-induced supplements. Among all the benefits CBD has to offer athletes, let’s look at the top five benefits. 

Fight Fatigue and Speed Recovery 

While working out, putting stress on the body is necessary for encouraging it to grow. Because of the physical stress, there will be oxidative damage in the body. If it is too much, it could end up harming the performance and slowing the recovery process. It could also result in physical and mental fatigue. 

CBD can help in reducing oxidative damage, which helps in the process of recovering faster and performing better. The faster one can recover, the better he/she will be able to do during the work out session. There are plenty of options in the market where you can find quality CBD supplements and products. IHF is one of the highly recognized online stores selling CBD products. Check them out! 

Reduce Pain 

Athletes suffer from inflammatory pain a lot of times. It occurs when the muscles max out, and the person ends up injuring himself/herself. People usually treat inflammatory pain with the help of over the counter NSAIDs, such as Aleve or Advil. 

However, long-term usage of these drugs could be quite harmful to the health. Having painkillers in excessive amount could also lead to kidney damage, gastrointestinal bleeding, strokes, and heart attacks. 

Research is trying to discover the various benefits of CBD, especially as an alternative to NSAIDs for handling inflammatory pain. Animal studies were able to indicate that CBD can help in reducing inflammatory pain. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the safest alternatives to painkillers. 

Improve Mood

Many times, people struggle with depression, anxiety, or stress. At times, all of them could stop us from leaving our house. We might push these emotions away, but they end up creating a massive negative impact on your mind and body, affecting our performance overall. 

Research has shown that CBD can be quite helpful in dealing with anxiety and depression. If you are one of those people who experience anxiety, pre-game jitters, and have a depressed mood, you might find CBD quite relaxing. 

Good Night’s Sleep

You might be a light sleeper, or have difficulty falling asleep. There are times when athletes have insomnia. Poor sleep could significantly hinder the performance and recovery of athletes. The body requires 8 hours of sound sleep to heal after engaging in a strenuous workout. 

If your sleep is disturbed because of any underlying condition such as anxiety, pain, or other condition, CBD could be quite useful. CND is also known to help sleep better. If you feel that you need to improve the quality of your sleep, you can give CBD a try. 

Lose Weight 

A research study involving 4,000 adult participants was able to show that people who use marijuana tend to have lesser weight as compared to non-users. New research evidence has also been able to show that CBD can help in promoting weight loss by altering the fat cells in the body. 

Many people have the misconception that all fat is “bad”, and it ultimately leads to weight gain. Humans are known to have white and brown fat cells. White fat is the one that leads to weight gain and excess fat storage. With the help of CBD, the white cells could be converted into brown cells. The research was able to show that having more brown fat in the body indicates a lower BMI. 

As you can see, CBD brings many benefits. There is no harm in giving it a try to check out the benefits it has to offer. However, it is better to consult with a physician before making any alterations in your diet. 

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