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Five top scooter safety tips


Scooters provide you a fun way to get about your daily life. Scooters are a fun alternative to public transport or a car. With the popularity of scooters and its electric counterpart skyrocketing, it is necessary to have a few tips in the area of safety. 

While your scooter insurance will take care of loss or damage, it is best not to get into any hazardous situation. You can get started with your scooter insurance here. The truth is that a scooter in the hand of an inexperienced person, a scooter can wreak so much carnage and cause accident. That’s why these safety tips are important. Here are the top five safety tips for your scooter. 

Read the manual thoroughly

One of the first things that hits the trashcan when we buy a new product is the manual. Do not just go through the manual either, ensure you are thorough with it. Read it as though you will write an exam on it. That way, you will be able to know the limit of your scooter and the security requirement of your scooter. 

Photo by John Canelis on Unsplash

Wear standard safety equipment

The truth remains that some accidents cannot be avoided or averted. You can however guarantee your own safety by wearing the recommended standard safety gear. From a helmet to knee pad and mouth guard. There is nothing like over protection when It comes to protecting yourself on a scooter ride. The helmet protects your head and the elbow and knee pad are to prevent your delicate areas from grazing. If you are riding an electric scooter, it is recommended that you also get a glove. This increases your grip on the scooter. 

Check out the scooter before going for a ride 

Before you take your scooter for a ride, you should check it out. Is the tires of the right pressure? Are the handles gripping properly? Ride for a few minutes and engage the brake, does it work effectively? All of these questions are important and can be the difference between getting into an accident and staying out of it. Don’t forget to check out your scooter. 

Avoid stunts 

Your scooter is not a showman piece, while it is capable of minor stunts and a few tweaks, it isn’t particularly built for that. It is in your best interest to avoid slippery road where your brake might not hold and to avoid unnecessary stunts. Your safety depends on it too. At Direct Bikes you will get the full specs of the scooter you want to purchase, that way you will know the capability. 

Obey traffic rules 

It is not uncommon for a lot of scooter rider to think their scooters less of a vehicle. They take on this premise to disobey traffic rules. Your scooter is a vehicle and you should obey all traffic rules if you want to be safe and avoid accidents. 

You deserve to be safe on your scooter, follow this few tips and you will have a safe trip on your new scooter.