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NewsMoment autistic boy overcomes his fear of music to give stunning rendition...

Moment autistic boy overcomes his fear of music to give stunning rendition of Hallelujah

TOUCHING video shows the moment an autistic boy with a lifelong fear of music overcomes his terror to deliver a stunning rendition of a classic song.

A picture of the autistic boy in his school uniform
Justin was scared of music until he fell in love with Alexandra Burke’s version of Hallelujah

Justin Kiely-May, nine, regularly needed to wear ear defenders to avoid becoming upset by high-pitched music.

But footage shows the youngster from Dublin singing a near-perfect version of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.

Justin heard Alexandra Burke’s version of the song on the radio recently and immediately fell in love with the tune.

Justin’s mum Andrea, 26, says he has always struggled with music.

His amazed and delighted family then discovered that as well as not being frightened of the music, Justin can actually sing.

In the video, Justin is seen shaking his hands slightly as he confidently croons his way through the melody.

As he reaches his stunning crescendo, he is seen smiling as he reaches the chorus.

The adorable clip was posted online by Justin’s proud uncle, 22-year-old Brandon Craig.

He shared the video with the caption: “My nephew only 9 years of age, cause of his autism he can’t listen to a lot of songs but when he likes a song he knows how to sing

gonna be a superstar.”

@AbbsIsHere responded: “His voice is beautiful! a little star in the making!!”

Lauren Dumble added: “What a gorgeous voice!! I need to hear more of this!!! Xx”

@emilysbasic said: “Omg this is the cutest thing ever, he’s gonna be a star.”

And Billy Killen said: “As a parent of a child with autism, that hit me for six.”

Justin’s mum, 26-year-old Andrea Kielty, said today: “Justin was diagnosed with autism at three and most of his life he has struggled with music, especially high pitched songs.

“We dreaded going to birthday parties just in case they played a song he didn’t like as it would upset him for days.

“We got him ear defenders and that helped.”

She added: “He got to know Hallelujah and one day I heard him sing along to the song so I turned the music down and just listened and recorded him.

“I cant look at his little face without wanting to cry, happy tears, of course. He’s just such a pure loving little boy and I’m so glad that now people get to see what I see. He was born to preform he has so much confidence.”

Andrea said other songs in her son’s repertoire included Shallow by Lady Gaga and Proud Mary by Tina Turner.

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