Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Shocking moment 155mph Mercedes breaks motorway speed limit – on the hard shoulder

SHOCKING dash cam footage shows a 155mph Mercedes break the speed limit on a congested motorway – using the hard shoulder.

The car – which has a six litre engine – rockets past traffic crawling along the M11 with no regard for anyone who may be using the lane in an emergency.

The £70,000 C Class coupe is almost certainly exceeding the 50mph limit on that stretch of the road and may be travelling at nearer 70 – 80mph.

Michael Weller’s rear- and front-facing cameras caught the incident near Woodford Green, north east London, this morning on the southbound carriageway.

The Merc hit the accelerator and zoomed past Michael at around 155mph

Michael, 47, from Colchester, Essex, posted the clip to a closed Facebook page saying: “Good job no one was broken down on the hard shoulder of the M11 this morning, Mercedes man might have taken them out.”

The video shows Michael, who works in engineering, travelling at around 18mph as he is stuck in the large traffic jam which is affecting all of the lanes on the M11.

Suddenly a black Mercedes can been racing down the hard shoulder.

The Mercedes then appears to brake on seeing the warning sign for a speed camera.

A car registration check on the vehicle, carried out by Michael, also revealed the Mercedes’ MOT expired in June this year.

Many in the comments feel the Mercedes driver should be held accountable.

One commenter said: “Think he needs a talking to.”

A second commenter added: “One would hope the speed camera could monitor the hard shoulder too.”

Another wrote: “This is evidence of him driving uninsured if his MOT is invalid. Send to the police he will get 12 points easy, bye bye licence.”

Michael, who captured the footage said he was frustrated by the dangerous driving

Another commenter said: “Look at the plate he must like racing, perhaps he thinks the same rules apply to the road as well as the track.”

A commenter added: “I saw this this morning, what a c**kwomble AMG C63.”

One simply said: “He needs a slap!”

Michael today said that he found the incident frustrating.

Michael said: “It’s annoying the risk they’re taking with other people’s lives just to save five minutes.”

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