“He’s a f****** nutter!” Grandad’s priceless reaction to photoshopped snap of grandson with insane “Dubai” haircut


A JOKER photoshopped a snap of his brother to give him an insane haircut and then showed the picture to their horrified grandparents.

Nadeem Raja doctored the snap of Veco, his brother, to make him completely bald apart from two curly wings of hair sprouting from his forehead.

Nadeem, from Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, then filmed himself as he showed the image to the unsuspecting grandparents.

The 32-year-old captioned the post: “Told ma gran and grampa that ma wee brother got a new haircut and used that face swap app, his reaction.”  


The grandmother looks utterly baffled before mildly commenting: “Oh, he looks funny doesn’t he? He looks different.”

But the no-nonsense grandfather butts in with: “What the f*** has he done?”

Nadeem elaborates on the joke by explaining the hairdo is “the style in Dubai”, where Veco currently lives.

Nadeem pranked his grandparents with a photoshopped picture of his brother. Image: Nadeem Raja

His grandfather takes the phone again before looking intently at the photo before saying: “He’s a f****** nutter!”

The camera pans round to his grandmother who innocently says “What did he do that for?”

His grandfather the hilariously says: “I wouldn’t have known him. F****, I would never have known him.”

His grandmother then closes the clip saying: “Wait till your mammy sees that.”

Finlay Cameron responded: “Your grandparents are quality.”

Nadeem adopted a hair style from a picture found on Pinterest. Image: Nadeem Raja

Stewart Orr said: “”Wait till your mammy sees that”

Neil France also said: “Mate that’s a topper.”

Leanne Young then commented: “Omg I love these two.”

Nadeem’s grandparents still don’t know the haircut is fake. Image: Nadeem Raja

Nadeem said today: “That’s just a perfect example of my gran and papa who are like my best mates and you can always have a good laugh with them.

“They still don’t know its a fake picture.”

When asked what his brother thought of it, Nadeem said: “He thinks it’s hilarious and can’t stop watching it since I sent him it last night on WhatsApp.”