Hilarious moment “legend” on mobility scooter holds up busy traffic before getting pulled over by cops


HILARIOUS video shows an elderly gentleman in a mobility scooter holding up traffic on a busy road – before being pulled over by police.

The clip, filmed at the Craigavon Bridge, Londonderry, is accompanied by peals of laughter and a running commentary from observers.

David Mercer posted his footage to social media with the caption: “Could someone come and collect their Grandfather please.

“The cops let him on his way and he made it safely off the bridge… LEGEND!!”

The video shows an older man in his mobility scooter at a set of traffic lights, waiting to merge onto the bridge.

He successfully crosses onto the bridge, with a white Audi right up his back.

The group laugh and cheer the elderly man on as he crosses over onto the bridge.

He then pulls into the left lane in front of a black Vauxhall Insignia.

The elderly man was spotted driving his mobility scooter on the busy road. Image: David Mercer

A voice from behind the camera can be heard saying: “He is crossing lanes!” as the others burst into laughter.

The Insignia then overtakes the elderly gentleman and stops. A police officer then steps from the car and begins to question the man’s actions.

A voice from behind the camera exclaims: “Oh no that’s the cops, that is the cops. He’s getting done!”

David can be heard in the background imitating the officer, mimicking: “Licence and registration please!”

The elderly man created a traffic queue behind him. Image: David Mercer

Mandy McKeever responded: “Licence & insurance please.” adding two laughing faces at the end of her comment.

Chris Sharkey said: “Stay classy Derry.”

Lynne Breen also commented, mentioning he was perhaps a repeat offender of driving on the roads: “Seen him about a few times n been stuck behind him also.”

Linda McReynolds said: “Only in Derry.” before inserting a range of laughing emojis.

The elderly man was eventually pulled over by the police. Image: David Mercer

However, John Lloyd was not impressed with the gentleman’s decision to drive on the bridge.

He wrote: “This is absolutely so dangerous, this person shouldn’t be on the main road, with the amount of nutcases driving in this town, it’s only a matter of time before something dangerous will happen.”

David said today: “We did watch the fella sitting in traffic for five mins before thinking he was just waiting to get up onto the path. But once he sat at the traffic lights we knew he was going to tackle the bridge in busy traffic.

“The Police checked in on him and let him on his way once they figured he must have knew what he was at.”