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NewsHilarious snap shows moment men have Irish tricolour versus Union Jack sock...

Hilarious snap shows moment men have Irish tricolour versus Union Jack sock war in Cork hospital

A HILARIOUS picture shows what happened when a visitor to a hospital in the Irish Republic was spotted wearing – Union Jack socks.

Anthony Lillis just happened to be wearing his Irish flag socks so he whipped off his trainers to remind the man “what f****** country he was in”.

The 36-year-old from Cork took a snap which showed his foot clad in the Irish tricolour and that of his opponent proudly displaying the British national flag.

The motorbike road racer, who was at Cork University Hospital, posted the snap to social media, writing: “Spotted some young lad sporting the Union Jack socks in the waiting area in the hospital.

Anthony wanted to remind the man which country he was in. Image: Anthony Lillis

“I did what any man would do, took off the runner and reminded him what f****** country he was in! #alwaysprepared.”

Stacey Wogan responded: “That’s just crazy how ye are wearing those type socks in the one place.”

Davy Graham added: “What’s the chances.”

Jim Buckley wrote: “Is that green line a hard border!”

Cannie Nolan said; “May start carrying an orange and green marker with me.”

Security systems installation engineer Anthony today insisted there were no hard feelings.

He said: “It’s funny actually. It was my girlfriend who is a Brit, a Londoner, who pointed out the socks to me.

“So there’s the proof I’m not a bigot.”

Anthony felt it was the prime opportunity for a comedic post. Image: Anthony Lillis

He added: “I knew I was wearing the tricolour socks and saw the situation for what it was, which was a very rare opportunity for a bit of fun and a good picture.

“I’m just glad people have seen the funny side the way I’ve seen it and not taking it seriously.

“These days there wouldn’t be much notice taking anymore, things have moved on a long way from the way they used to be, thank god. People are far more accepting and welcoming of all cultures.”

Anthony claimed: “I’m sure this guy could have a lot tougher time up there in certain parts of Glasgow for example wearing those socks than he would down here in the South of Ireland.

“Can’t Believe the good reception this has got in the UK, fair play to everybody over there, they are good sports.”

Many found the scenario hilarious.

Anthony did not speak to the British sock wearer in the hospital but believes he’s also from Cork.

He speculated: “You know the way we all had that one grandparent who would get you a s***e gift for Christmas?

“Bet you those socks were one of those gifts!”

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