Saturday, May 28, 2022
NewsRoad users enraged by footage showing 12 cyclists go through red light...

Road users enraged by footage showing 12 cyclists go through red light in 60 seconds

ROAD users have been enraged by video showing 12 cyclists run a red light in under 60 seconds.

Drivers claimed the footage, filmed in central London, is proof that many cyclists reckon they’re above the law.

Jamie Crompton took the video on a helmet camera whilst riding his motorbike on The Mall just a few hundred metres from Buckingham Palace.

The 36-year-old civil servant pulled up at the red lights on Tuesday and was astonished to watch cyclists continue to ride through.

A couple of the cyclists join the footpath at the junction instead of continuing down the road, whilst others ride straight through the red lights travelling in both directions despite pedestrians crossing.

12 cyclists run red light in 60 seconds
Jamie Crompton took the footage on his daily commute to work as a civil servant

Jamie posted the clip to the Facebook group “U.K. Dash Cam Footage” writing: “In a one minute clip I filmed 12 cyclists going through a single junction on a red light!

“Don’t moan about how drivers need to be safer when you can’t yourselves abide by the simplest of traffic laws!”

Many road users found the clip infuriating.

One user commented: “I know what you mean here, the risk they take I don’t understand why their desire to stay alive doesn’t kick in.”

Another said: “Long overdue for bicycles to have number plates and insurance! The rest of us have to.”

One person wrote: “ And they moan when they get knocked up in the air and sometimes worse and blame the motorists. I have had several run ins with cyclists riding three abreast down country lanes – never heard of single file.”

Cyclists also joined in the criticism.

One wrote: “Yep agree, I’m a cyclist and don’t understand why some take the risk of running red lights… you want to go out in Cambridge at night, there are so many cyclists with no lights, dark clothing just asking to be knocked off.”

Another wrote: “I too ride a bike and to be totally honest I look forward to the red lights as it means I get a break.”

Only one viewer stood up for the cyclists, writing: “I am a rider that keeps to all rules of the road – as a cyclist, motorcyclist, lorry driver and a car driver.

“But I have still been hit three times on my bike.”

Speaking today, Jamie, from Essex, said: “This is a daily occurrence. A large percentage of cyclists abide by the rules and laws and are aware of the risks.

“However too many fail to stop at red lights, give way at junctions and are only putting themselves at risk.

“I have seen them go through crossings with complete disregard for pedestrians, putting others at risk.”

Around 100 cyclists are killed and more than 3000 injured on UK roads annually, the majority of them by motorists.

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