Deacon Blue drummer posts hilarious snap of his very phallic Scotch egg “artisan” lunch


A DRUMMER and TV presenter has shared a hilarious picture of his “artisan” lunchlooking very phallic.

Dougie Vipond was eating at Formartine’s near Ellon, Aberdeenshire, where he ordered a fancy Scotch egg dish costing about £9.

The 52-year-old drummer with Deacon Blue tweeted an image of the meal with the caption: “Heavens, this Scotch egg at Formartines looks quite a mouthful.”

Vipond shared the hilarious picture of his “artisan” lunchlooking very phallic. (C) Dougie Vipond

He added the hashtag “presentationiseverything”.

Celebrity chef Nick Nairn was among those to join in the fun, responding: “Hope you didn’t gobble it down ;)!”

@jruddy99 added: “Looks like a c**k-up on the presentation front.”

@MacWilson62 commented “Brings a new meaning to meat and two veg.”

@turtledudesurf wrote: “Hmmm. There’s an obvious phallic shape there. lol. I say no more. I do like scotch eggs.”

And @Rooflok said: “Imagine how much worse it would’ve looked if the eggs had been sunny side down.”

Formartines responded online: “I will tell the chef about your compliment. I agree he is a poet really.”

The TV Presenter and drummer was a bit shocked

A spokeswoman for Formartines suggested today the dish may have been rearranged for comical effect.

He said: “I think it to do with the angle for the photo.

“It was repositioned for comedy effect. It wasn’t intentional to be like that and it didn’t leave the kitchen like that.

“The owner was killing himself laughing when it appeared online.

“It was just a bit of fun by the comical genius people at the table.”