Monday, May 16, 2022
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Shocking moment thief on stolen bike crashes into car at 40mph – leaving boy, 10, “vomiting in pain”

DISTURBING footage shows a stolen motorbike crash into the back of a car, resulting in a young boy needing hospital treatment.

Ryan Doak, 10, is seen stumbling around in shock following the crash as his dad gives chase to the thief.

Ryan ended up vomiting with pain and was taken to hospital to be treated for bruising and swelling. His dad, Paul, released the CCTV footage in a bid to help track down the criminal.

Paul, 42, from Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, was driving in his home town when the bike, travelling at about 40mph, drove in a straight line and without braking into the back of his car.

The moment the bike collides with the car, captured on CCTV.

Paul and his partner, Jenny, both suffered neck injuries in the collision.

The video shows the thief get unsteadily to his feet and start to move around.

Ryan, clearly in shock, can also be seen stumbling on the pavement.

The thief then decides to make a run for it and Paul can be seen chasing after him. 

A furious Paul posted the footage on social media in a desperate plea for information.

He shared the video with the caption: “Name the k**b on bike that then ran off leaving the boy in back needing hospital treatment.”

Dazed, the thief climbs to his feet.

Social media users reacted with concern to the clip.

Stacey Encutu said: “Omg is Ryan okay? What a p**** hope you find out who he is”.

And Melissa Jacques added: “I’m still fuming over it. I can’t believe how fast he’s going, he’s going over 30 there and clearly on drugs or drunk to keep driving like that when people have stopped! I hope you’re all okay.”

Speaking today, Paul said: “My son was sat in middle seat at back the driver went straight through the back window. 

“If the car had been a smaller think he would of went straight through and out the front. We got out of car and then the man in his early 20s got up staggering then ran from scene.

“Ryan has bruising across tummy and bump on back of head he is very shaken. At first he was okay but then deteriorated. He was sat shaking one minute later, crying and white as sheet.

“He was vomiting in pain from where seat belt had dug in he also had swelling to back of head. 

“Me and my partner suffered neck pain and across chest from seat belt. We’re recovering at home today, but Ryan has been the worst affected.”

Paul confirmed that he was unable to catch the man. He said police visited the hospital looking for the suspect, who is still at large.


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