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Various types of bonuses offered by Sportsbook

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Bonuses are the most enticing things in a bookie. They are appealing to veterans and newbies. They motivate and give you the courage to place a bet. That’s why most online betting sites offer bonuses and promotions to the players. 

In this competitive world, a sports betting site needs to stand out to sail through. And they do so using bonuses. Among the many enthralling offers that cater for the needs of recreational and professional punters, Bwin promo code stands out as one of the best bonuses with easy to meet wagering requirements.

Apart from generous bonuses, sports betting has advantages. They include:

Entertainment ValueGambling is mostly for fun. Streaming live sports is exciting. Your fun can get boosted when you place a smart bet and win. We all have favorite tournaments or teams. However, these teams cannot play every day. Instated of waiting for several days to watch your team play, you can have fun watching other teams or tournaments. It’s never boring with spirts betting sites.   

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Inexpensive Fun – You don’t have to pay a club entry fee to watch your team play. just be comfortable at home and stream from your phone. Now, imagine enjoying as the team play and make some cash at the same time. Isn’t that great? It’s a cheap, entertaining hobby.

Learn New Sports – A sports betting site will offer a variety of games from football, horse and dog racing, basketball, cricket, and tennis. When you’re not streaming football league, you can watch horse racing and learn how you can place bets. Learn more about basketball odds, how the sport is played, and rules of the game. The more you learn, the more your betting knowledge expands.

Potential to Win Real Money – Gambling is for fun and also for earning some bucks. However, betting can be addictive, and it has made people lose huge chunks of money. All you need is to bet responsibly. Being a professional punter is, however, challenging. Therefore, don’t be in haste to quit your job and start betting. Take your time to learn the dos and don’ts and maybe decide on quitting your job after gaining experience.

Let’s analyze various types of bonuses. 

Welcome/Sign Up Bonuses

Now imagine someone paying you for visiting them? isn’t that generous enough? Bookies offer generous welcome/sign up bonuses. However, this is only for newcomers. You earn this bonus when you create an account with the betting website. You’re giving a percentage based on your initial deposit. 

The percentage can range from 10% to 100%. This amount is credited to your account, but you cannot withdraw it! the only way it can benefit is if you bet with the given bonus and win. Every site has specific rules for the given bonus.

For instance, if your initial deposit is $200 and the site is offering a sign-up bonus of 75%, then your total amount will be $350. If the bonus is 100%, you will have a total of $400.

Reload Bonuses

Well, this is a common bonus offer with many sites. It’s mostly offered during large sporting tournaments. Generally, the amount of reload bonus is smaller compared to the sign-up bonus. In most cases, the highest percentage is approximately 25%. And just like the welcome/sign up bonus, it’s also subjected to rollover. 

Sign up bonus is simply for attracting new punters while the reload bonus is meant to for retaining players. It’s for people who have accounts. But this is not free money. It’s an incentive to ensure gamblers stick to the betting site for as long as it’s possible. 

Free Bet Bonuses

Not every punter who joins a bookie places a bet. So, the best way to ensure you place a bet is to entice you with a free bet bonus. Once you place your first bet, you will be awarded amount that equals to your first bet. For instance, once you place a bet amount of £40, you will get £40 as a free bet.

Some sports betting place a rollover as a condition to allow you to get your winnings. That’s why you should read the terms and conditions statement keenly before placing a bet. 


When you’re choosing a betting site, ensure you get to know the types of bonuses offered. More so, ensure you read terms and conditions related to bonuses. 

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