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Onlookers gasp as circling pod of Orcas suddenly throw stricken seal 30ft out of the water

DRAMATIC video shows Orca-watchers gasp as the whales suddenly flip a helpless seal out of the water.

The animals were being observed from a tugboat close to the Shetland shore and appeared to be playing.

Without warning, the pod enters hunting mode and a seal somersaults at high speed at least 30ft across the waves.

The panicked seal can be glimpsed moments before desperately popping its head out of the water before it is propelled to its doom with a casual flick of a Killer Whale’s tail.

The footage was captured by engineering superintendent Lee Coutts at Sella Ness, near the Sullom Voe Oil Terminal in Shetland on September 19.

The video stunned social media users

Lee, 36, posted the video to Facebook saying: “Orcas at Sella Ness. There’s a seal that gets thrown about half way through.”

The clip shows a pod of Orcas circling a small patch of water as amazed onlookers watch in awe.

A number of Killer Whales breach the water as they take in air.

However, the pod’s purpose becomes graphically clear as a seal can be seen breaching the water in a split second next to the large whales.

Moments later the seal pops its head up again just as a large Orca thrusts its flipper at the vulnerable prey catapulting this creature several feet into the air towards other members of the pod.

A number of Killer Whales breach the water as they take in air.

A woman can be heard saying “Jesus!” in astonishment.

The seal then appears to stick its head out of the water one last time before another Orca appears to attack the small mammal.

The video has stunned many in the comments.

Bryan Georgeson said: “Flipping them like pancakes.”

Jaclyn Ann Thomson added: “Amazing they are fairly putting on a show!”

Louisee Cam wrote: “Wow great footage Lee.”

Alison Gray said: “Amazing! Thank You for sharing it!”

Keith Henderson added: “Check these guys playing with their dinner.”

Lee said it was an amazing act of nature to witness

Lee from Shetland today said that he was ‘enthralled’ by the experience.

Lee said: “My reaction to the seal being thrown was a mix of wow and a heart stopping moment wondering what will happen next. It was so amazing that it was happening right before my eyes and so close to where I was.

Lee at first did not notice the seal.

Lee added: “I didn’t notice it, but as I was watching with work colleagues I did hear someone mention that they thought they saw a seal just before it was flung through the air.

“I was shocked and enthralled when I saw the seal being thrown. It was an amazing act of nature, but at the same time I wasn’t looking forward to the potential act of the seal being eaten and there being a bloody scene. 

“So a mixed feeling of excitement seeing these amazing creatures up close and their behaviour, but also the potential to see a more gruesome and horrific ending the seal’s life.”

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