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Why do more women play bingo than men?

Often thought of as a game that is only enjoyed by women’s, bingo is a popular pastime that has been played in Britain for decades. It is regularly played both online and in bingo halls or casinos. 

Bingo is one of the oldest and most popular forms of gambling in Britain. There are around 3.5 million bingo players playing online in the UK, with numbers increasing year on year.

The UK has around 650 licenced bingo premises dotted around the country, with revenue from bingo played on-land achieving an impressive gross yield in excess of £677 million last year. 

With the number of online bingo websites and the choice in games growing at a fast rate, many players are turning to the internet to play the game. This is a trend that is expected to continue as many of the biggest non-remote bingo operators look at being able to stay competitive and establish themselves with an online presence too. 

The game is sometimes considered to be one of the more feminine gambling pursuits, with many online games and bingo websites branded with feminine colours and specifically marketed towards female players.

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With this in mind, it is not much of a surprise that more than 80% of bingo players worldwide are women. This figure is even higher in third world countries, where the stereotype of bingo players being women is more profound. 

But why is it exactly that women play bingo more than men do?

It is different from other casino games

Bingo is a game that allows players to relax and unwind in a friendly environment. Often played in a purpose built bingo hall or separate area of a casino, bingo offers a sociable and light-hearted atmosphere that is different from many other casino games. 

The game offers women much more than just the chance to be competitive and win money. It gives them the opportunity to enjoy an evening out, interact with new people, spend time with friends and put aside the stress of work and other responsibilities for a while.

As a game of chance, it does not require practice or specific skill sets, all players need are bingo cards, numbers, a caller and other players to join in. Or if played online – all you’ll need is a device with a decent internet connection. 

The simplicity of the game means that it can be played anywhere: at home, parties, charity fundraisers and many more locations. The social aspect of the game is something that gives bingo extra appeal to women. 

Many online bingo operators are also able to replicate the fun, friendly atmosphere experienced in bingo halls on their website. They are able to make trying the game for the first time an exciting, rather than daunting, experience. 

The majority of websites have more than just bingo games, too. Visitors are likely to greeted with the option to play online slots, featuring introductory offers such as bonuses, free spins or even practice games. Players can try out the game, experience the website’s extra features and chat to other players before spending their own money.

It’s all in the branding – pink, fun and enthusiastic

Many products and services are targeted at a specific gender using specific brand colours like pink and tone of voice in their messaging. 

Take shaving products for example, as two razors may have the same design, functionality and serve the same purpose, but one is more popular with men and the other more popular with women.

This is down to their packaging; the one with branded pink with delicate floral patterns, the over is bold and dark coloured. The text on women’s product’s advertising will feature words such as, ‘smooth’ and ‘beautiful’, while the men’s may feature words such as ‘strong’ or ‘powerful’.

But what does this have to do with bingo? 

Just like with beauty products, bingo operators make use of popular stereotypes to engage with their desired target market.

These businesses have observed that in many cultures, bingo is seen as a women’s game and has more female players, therefore they have leveraged this information to help create bingo products that will appeal specifically to these individuals.

You will notice that on television or online advertisements for bingo, the players featured are often women.

By featuring individuals who fit into their target market, women are able to relate to those featured in the advertisement. If these women are seen enjoying playing the game, it encourages other women to join in. 

Women are often perceived as being chattier and more sociable, therefore most bingo websites highlight chat rooms as being one of their features. 

However, bingo is a game that can be fun for anyone, irrespective of gender. It is a great way of having some fun, chatting with friends (or making new ones), and hopefully winning some money. 

While bingo is a game that can be played and enjoyed by anyone, it seems that women will always make up the majority of players. As a game that has been associated with women for decades, game operators continue to market their websites at them with feminine branding and language.

The social aspect of the game makes it stand out from other casino games and is a major factor in what appeals to this gender. The game is about much more than just winning money for many women. 


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