Brexit impact on computer games industry


Migration Minister Ben Macpherson will hear first-hand from Scotland’s computer games industry about the potential impact of Brexit.

Scotland’s computer games sector employs 1,285 people, generates £98.9 million annually and recruits a significant number of highly skilled citizens from elsewhere in the EU.

Industry figures have warned that Brexit, and an end to freedom of movement, will make it more difficult to attract the staff they need.

Photo by Alexey Savchenko on Unsplash.

Speaking ahead of the roundtable discussion at Abertay University, in Dundee, Mr Macpherson said:

“Brexit presents major challenges for all our creative industries and therefore it is vital to understand their concerns and what initiatives each sector could benefit from.

“The Scottish Government recognises the importance of the games sector to Scotland’s economy and this roundtable is an important opportunity to explore how UK immigration policies and any Brexit process could affect the industry.

“In an area like the games sector, where it is necessary to compete internationally for the best developers, designers and talent, we need migration policies that enable Scotland to maintain its strong reputation as an open, welcoming and attractive place to live and work.”

Professor Gregor White, Dean of Abertay University’s School of Design and Informatics, said:

“As Europe’s leading university for computer games education, Abertay attracts some of the most talented students and academic staff in the world, so an immigration system that allows for smooth mobility is important to us as an institution.