Dramatic moment Golden Eagle attacks red deer stag at least 30 times its weight


AMAZING pictures show a very ambitious Golden Eagle trying to kill an adult Red Deer at least 30 times its own weight.

The majestic raptor was caught on camera with its talons extended just inches away from the head of the running stag.

The eagle was also photographed attacking a doe above the village of Lochranza, Arran, on Sunday.

But with an adult red deer stag weighing at least 200kg and a Golden Eagle “just” 7kg, the outcome was never in much doubt.

The Golden Eagle was trying to take down the Stag 30 times its own weight. Image: Val Gall

The remarkable incident was captured by Val Gall, a senior medical research scientist based in Dundee.

Val photographed two Golden Eagles soaring in a perfect blue sky before one of them decided to attack the deer.

The 58-year-old uploaded the pictures to social media with the caption: “Long distance…but you get the idea. Golden Eagles  and Red Deer.”

Brenda Steggall wrote under Val’s post saying: “Wow was it going after male and female? There’s no way it could take them on.”

Alice MacAlister added: “Gives a great perspective on just how enormous these eagles are. Amazing photos.”

The Golden Eagles were also swooping at a Doe. Image: Val Gall

Graeme Spratt  wrote: “Eagles can take small deer, small goat, and foxes. I think it was just playing with those ones. Seen it before a few times.”

Joanna Hill Lord said: “Amazing.”

Speaking today Val said: “There were two eagles together but only one was hunting both male and female adult deer.

“I have seen Golden Eagles do this before but only chasing young deer. Eagles do this I think in hope of causing deer to fall and cause injury and eventually get a feed.

“The encounter was at high speed. I used a 1000mm lens so I was lucky to even get these.

The pictures have shocked many on social media. Image: Val Gall

“Photography is just a hobby of mine. My mum lives on Arran and I have lived there for 20 years so I know the island well.

“I had only seen this behaviour twice before with eagles chasing young deer so to see this was amazing. All the deer escaped.”