Woman gobsmacked as she finds humongous Hula Hoop seven times length of standard snack


A NURSERY teacher is laying claim to having discovered the world’s longest Hula Hoop.

Mairead Lees pulled out the “big a**” snack reckoned to be about 7cm long – roughly seven times the length of a standard-issue Hula Hoop.

The 26-year-old then posted a picture of the cheese and onion-flavoured potato ring to social media.

Mairead from Fort William, Lochaber, suggested: “Can we just take a minute to appreciate this big a** hula hoop I found in my packet today, how?!”

Mairead pulled out a 7cm long Hula Hoop. Image: Mairead Lees.

The picture shows Mairead holding the large snack with her forefinger and thumb.

The crisp appears to be almost the width of the 24 gram packet.

One viewer referred to the recent discovery of a giant Frazzle by a man 129 miles away in Glasgow.

@curto93 said: “You can get a Guinness World Record, a guy got one with a bacon Frazzle the other day… haha.”

Mairead replied saying: “Really?! Well surely this is the longest hula hoop ever?.”

Mairead posted her finding on Twitter. Image: Mairead Lees

Speaking today, Mairead confirmed the Hula Hoop tasted “just the same”.

She said: “I was just eating a packet of Hula-Hoops on my lunch break at work and found the longest ever Hula Hoop in the bag.

“I still ate it and it tasted the same. It was actually really tasty.”

KP snacks launched Hula Hoops in 1973 and have become a firm favourite with British crisp lovers ever since.

In August, Sean Stewart, from Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire was “Frazzled” after finding an enormous bacon-flavoured snack in his packet.

Mairead said the Hula Hoop tasted the same as every other Hula Hoop in the packet. Image: Mairead Lees

The 22-year-old found the frazzle, believed to be three times as big as a normal size of the snack,  as part of a £1 multipack from Iceland in Glasgow.

Speaking about the snack at the time he said: “‘The bag was already open and it was poking out.

“Was raging. Thought it would be soggy when I pulled this out – a Mary Poppins bag a Frazzles.”