Hilarious moment forklift driver refuses to bow to laws of physics – with inevitable results


HILARIOUS video shows a forklift driver trying to lift cargo off a lorry and end up dumping boxes all over the ground.

Despite obvious signs the process is only going to end in disaster, the driver presses on until the boxes start raining down.

The clip was filmed by Lee Lockwood on Monday at the premises of a firm in Sheffield. 

The clip shows a man in a forklift carefully removing a pallet of frozen food from a parked HGV. 

The boxes, close to toppling

The driver claps as he thinks he has successfully removed the pallet from the HGV, however within the next few seconds the whole pallet of boxes start to fall.

The forklift driver tries to straighten out the pallet in order to keep them from hitting the ground, however it is no use as the vast majority of boxes hit the pavement. 

The driver can be heard shouting the Polish equivalent of “f***!” 

The driver then admits, in English: “That’s not professional driving!”

Lee can be heard sniggering from behind the camera as he watches the full scene unfold. 

The forklift driver then gets out of the forklift and starts to place the boxes onto a new pallet. 

James Wiseman responded: “He shouldn’t be allowed a forklift licence.”

Dave Percy Glossop commented: “It’s funny how everyone could see that coming except for the forklift driver!”

David Tiny Griffith also said: “First the wrapping was not bonded to the pallet. Then the stack of pallet was not needed and the forklift driver was as bright as an eclipse. Good job lol.”

The boxes of chips and bread spread across the pavement.

Tommy Sisson posted: “He’s been well trained.”

Speaking today, Lee said: “I had just delivered to the place and was on my way out. The forklift driver was trying to get the pallet off and I said it would not work it’s going to fall so I started to film it.

“He thought he could rest it on the pallet then take it from there he thought he did it you can hear him clap and cheer then he pulled it back then it fell over.”