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NewsScots police ask for help in identifying strange "alien" symbols worrying locals

Scots police ask for help in identifying strange “alien” symbols worrying locals

POLICE have appealed to the public to help identify “alien” symbols that have appeared on roads in their patch.

Cops in Dumfries and Galloway are stumped by the symbols which feature numbers, circles and lines.

They say they have ruled out all the involvement of utility firms and admit some locals in the town of Thornhill are “concerned”.

(C) Dumfries and Galloway Police Facebook

The post has sparked widespread hilarity online with many people wondering why extraterrestrials would choose to make contact with a community of 1,500 souls in south-west Scotland.

The post was captioned in capital letters: “#Alien life – what are these symbols?”

Officers explained: “Over the last few days these symbols have appeared in the streets of Thornhill, causing a few people to be concerned.

“We have spoken to Dumfries and Galloway Council, Scottish Water, Gas and electricity companies who all say it has nothing to do with them.

“Do any of you know what they are, or are we going to have to put it down to extraterrestrial life finally making contact with us basic earthlings who just don’t understand what they are trying to say?”

This was followed by two alien emojis.

The question led to various users mocking the idea of aliens visiting Thornhill (C) Dumfries and Galloway Police Facebook 

They added: “If you do know, explain it to us in the comments and importantly let us know how you know.”

Social media users wasted no time piling in with alien references and jokes.

Steven Smith added: “Aliens heard off raid on area 51 and decided to raid Thornhill lol.”

Eric Taylor wrote: “Well I’m sure if ET is going to make contact it ain’t going to be in Thornhill.”

Stewart Burnie  said: “Aliens marking that the couldn’t find any intelligent life forms. Well what did they expect it’s Thornhill.”

Steve Jamieson wrote: “I’m more amazed Aliens picked Thornhill of all the places to land they could’ve went somewhere nice,”

(C) Dumfries and Galloway Police Facebook

William Pattinson joked, referring to the film who deal with dangerous aliens, saying : “Clearly Alien activity in the area. Let’s call MIB.”[ Men In Black]

However, some users told the police off for creating a post that could create panic.

Rebecca Muir wrote: “Stop it, you’re scaring people.”

Kris Rzepecki said: “Scaremongering? Aye because aliens are really going to abduct you.”

The more serious users suggested it could be to do with symbols marking the place for new street lamps whilst some suggested it could be gangs or dog theft.”

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