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Lighter – Your Best Companion in Traveling! 10 Reasons Why


By: Eric R.

Few of us give using a lighter a second thought. That is, until the moment we need a lighter. If you’re an avid traveler, it’s best to always have a lighter on hand to be prepared for every situation. Read on to learn 10 reasons why you should carry a lighter.


  1. Be Prepared for Emergencies


Emergency situations can happen easily when traveling. Whether it’s a natural disaster that’s knocked out the power or finding yourself locked out of your hotel in the pitch black of night, any situation requiring a light can be assuaged with a lighter. If you have your travel lighter on hand, you’ll be able to light a lantern, candle, or even use the light from the flame itself to help you read the street signs.


  1. Light a Gas Stove


When traveling, it isn’t uncommon for appliances in the kitchen to malfunction. Can’t seem to get the gas stove to light? With a lighter and the burner on low, you can jumpstart the flame on a gas stove yourself.


  1. Start Conversations


While there are many practical uses for a lighter when traveling, carrying a stylish lighter is always a great way to start a conversation. When others see you with promotional lighters in social situations, they’ll often be more inclined to talk to you. With a distinct and unique lighter, you’ll always have something to serve as a conversation piece, no matter where you are.


  1. Look Stylish


For many, carrying a lighter on their travels is about making a fashion statement rather than using it as a means of survival. While smoking isn’t as popular in certain circles, many people still associated luxury and style with lighters and smoking. Whether you’re at a cigar lounge or offering to light a stranger’s cigarette, having a beautiful lighter will always leave an impression.

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  1. Light Candles


Depending on the area you’re traveling to, you may experience infrequent brownouts or blackouts. While many people have candles nearby, without a match or lighter, they’ll be out of luck in the dark. Should the power go out in the city you are in, having a lighter on hand will make lighting candles easier.


  1. Heat Food


In a pinch, a lighter will help to heat food. By creating a setup similar to a fondue pot, you can use a lighter to heat up food in a fireproof container. As you attempt this technique, avoid holding the container when heating it as you may injure yourself.


  1. Disinfect Tools


When traveling in different countries, it can be challenging to acquire all the essentials you’re familiar with using at home. If you need to disinfect anything metal like tweezers, knives, forks, or metal razors, use your lighter. By running the flame over the tool, you’ll effectively kill any lingering germs or bacteria.


  1. Burn Rope Ends


You should always expect the unexpected when traveling, and that means having essentials like rope and a lighter with you. Rope comes in handy when traveling, whether you’re tying your camping equipment to the car or you need to quickly fix a broken bag. With a lighter nearby, you’ll be able to burn off the rope ends, making the knot tighter.


  1. Kickstart a Campfire


Some true woodsmen love the idea of starting a fire all-naturally. While rubbing two sticks together may work in theory, having a backup plan for fire starting is a must on any camping trip. With the help of a lighter, you’ll be able to kickstart your campfire and start roasting marshmallows over the open flame.


  1. Sanitize Water


Clean drinking water is a must, no matter where in the world you are. If you happen to be in an area where the quality of the drinking water is questionable, it’s time to get creative and sanitize your water yourself. Boiling water is one of the fastest ways to kill any bacteria or parasites. With a lighter and a container for the flame, you’ll be able to sanitize your water easily.


Lighters have multiple uses and can really save the day in certain situations. If you’re preparing for an upcoming trip, keep this information in mind as you decide on what type of lighter to bring with you.