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Top Turkey Factors That Confirm the Possibility of Having a Kick-Ass Trade Show from “HOW” to “WOW”

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The evolution and competition of the marketing business took a whole new turn when companies decided to display their products in the relevant market and to the appropriate audience. 

Aware of the benefits of face-to-face marketing, there has been an on-going and continuous development of exhibitions and trade shows. With the dawn of technology and facilities, the way a trade show is organized is completely changed. Whether your decision to hire trade show booth rental or purchase your own, the only thing that you need to consider is what the audience and customers might like. 

One thing is to design and develop your trade show booth in a way so that the audience is compelled to notice the look of it. Several other factors also play a part in the design and creation of a trade show booth. The way you approach your audience also defines the strength of a company when it comes to marketing their business. 


Top Factors that will contribute towards Building a Trade Show Exhibition

There are certain technologies and human-made facilities that are expected to rise in the coming future and are also expected to change the complete approach of a trade show exhibition. Design, tech-orientation, and entire building process are expected to change. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence has always been a subject of great importance when it comes to the development of modern technology. Since the 4th industrial revolution is taking place, the value of artificial intelligence and the initiation of AI across the businesses have become quite familiar. 

After this colossal accomplishment of man to somehow design and develop technology smart enough to understand basic/complex tasks depending upon the capability of the machine, it probably can be a massive hit in the world of marketing. 

Several features contribute towards making artificial intelligence useful in trade shows. Trade shows ought to experience a positive change when introduced to AI. Consider the following points to realize how AI can simplify and boost your presence at a trade show. 

  • Artificial intelligence can be your very own virtual assistant looking after the sales program and teaching your marketing team on lead generation and dealing with the audience on a face to face level. 
  • It can also help you in developing a network by properly managing time and the process of communicating with the audience as well as generating follow-ups and another way to build a network. 
  • AI will help you in the initial build and construction of the trade show booth or optimize your temporary trade show booth rental with unique ways to introduce technology in something as simple as a trade show booth. 

Immersive Technology 

Immersive technology refers to the simulation of the physical world through the help of technology. Introducing this feature in your upcoming trade show can help you change the entire outcome of the expo. The following reasons depict the importance of investing in immersive technology on your forthcoming trade expo. 

  • It allows your audience to witness a complete tour of what your business has to offer in a way they feel they are within the actual products. A business that features products too big to display or test during the expo can use immersive tech to help their visitors experience a taste of what you have to offer by the help of simulation. 
  • Improved and tech-derived booths can engage the audience to try different products and features, which can help in having an interested person spend more time at your trade show booth. 
  • Offer your visitors to have a complete your of your business and company with the help of virtual reality where they get to know who you are and what you intend to provide them in a kick-ass way. 

Interaction and the Content 

The way you choose to interact with the customers and the content you want to utilize during this interaction speaks a lot about your professionalism as a business. People who are looking for premium and professional services that your business has to offer often judge the company by their interaction skills and how presentable their content is. 

  • Robots can take over humans to interact with the audience. Considering the thinking of people who look forward to new technology, they would find it quite amusing to interact with a robot than a human being. 
  • Touchscreens imbursed with interactive content and images relevant to the business allow the visitors to swipe and scroll until their contentment. 
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Live Sessions 

Nothing beats the right old way of live interaction and engagement. Allow your audience to feel at home with the help of engaging activities and interactions. The process of having one-on-one interaction initiates a direct business to consumer relationship and also leaves a mark in the mind of the visitor. 

Some of the significant methods of developing a relationship with your audience at a trade show are by:

  • Q&A Sessions 
  • Presenting the business with the help of high-quality content for presentation
  • Elaborating the audience on every aspect of what you do as soon as they hit your booth. 
  • Consider handing out souvenirs and some packages as a participation or welcome gift.
  • People like smiling faces to a cheery lad or lady with the right marketing tactics are bound to get in a few people attentive and listening. 

These live sessions help you to interact and build a relationship with your audience i.e., potential customers on an upscale level. For this interaction to develop with time, it is vital to have a professional-looking trade show booth as well as the relevant staff. 


Digitalization has enabled man to induce technology into something as simple as a trade show. Display of modern machines and digital intelligence devices takes much human attention at trade fairs, and hence, it is quite beneficial to invest in advanced day technology like AI or Immersive tech gadgets. Allow yourself a suitable time and proper induction of technology to have an interactive and lead generating trade show with a positive ROI with the help of a few tech-oriented investments. 



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