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Hilarious clip shows how two sleeping campers were woken by ‘two feet’ of water after burn burst its banks

HILARIOUS video shows the moment two sleeping campers are “flooded out” after a Scottish burn burst its banks.

The clip shows the two mates rush to pack away their camping equipment after waking up to a “couple of feet” of water in their tent.

Charles Russell and his friend Kev camped on the banks of Loch Tummel in Pitlochry on Saturday night and were awoken by the deluge the following morning.

Heavy plant operator Charles from Kelty, Fife, filmed the surrounding area as Kev struggled to find his belongings. Losing a shoe in the process.

Charles, 36, posted the video to the Facebook page ‘Fishing in Scotland’ on Sunday saying: “Be careful where you pitch your tent.”

The video starts with a chuckling Charles saying: “The time is half past seven. We’ve been woken up, this is what’s going on at our tent at the moment.”

Charles shows the tent were Kev, 39, is sat on his camp bed trying to put his socks on. The water can be seen streaming through the tent as it torrents down the burn just metres away.

Kev then lies forward on his camp bed to retrieve a boot which is dripping in water. Charles laughing says: “Kev’s lost his shoes. Everything is soaking.”

Once the camping equipment had been packed away Charles shows the viewers where their tents were situated.

Charles says: “So this is where our tents were last night.” As he points to a soggy washed out bank.

The campers received a rude awakening

Charles then says: “The burn to the back of us has now turned into a raging f****** river.”

Charles one last time shows the now flooded campsite and turns to the camera and says: “We’ve been flooded out.”

A picture taken the night before the incident shows how they were on much drier land away from the Loch.

Many in the comments have found the video hilarious.

Stuart Collins said: “You poor b*****s. Holy f*** man. At least you’re laughing about it.”

Dougie Morrison added: “Fantastic, at least your laughing.”

Steven Ross wrote: “Holy s*** lol that would be a shocker.”

Speaking today, Charles recalled how he he couldn’t see the bottom of his tent.

Charles said the water was around two feet deep

He said: “We pitched our tents on Saturday. It was a lovely evening. We knew it was going to rain, but we had the proper kit so it was fine. We went to sleep at around 2230 just as the rain started.

“I was lying, snoozing when I opened my eyes and found the tent had been flooded. The small burn was just a trickle, we walked through it to collect firewood.

“I turned to Kev and said ‘you need to get up’. It was just a realisation of we need to get out of here. The water was a couple of feet at least, we couldn’t see the floor of the tent.

“Everything was soaking, and Kev lost his shoe, but we were able to save the fishing rods. We drove back home in shorts and long johns.”

Charles has been amazed by the reaction of the video.

He added: “I was told to post it to the Fishing in Scotland Facebook page for a bit of a laugh, but it has gone nuts. Everybody loved it.”

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