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What are the legal cases that personal injury lawyers work for?


Every day there are mishaps and accidents! Either someone gets hurt in an accident, or there are instances of medical malpractice. While doctors and police are required to settle the case, you need a lawyer to get your desired compensation and justice, if you are the victim. It is here that the presence and participation of a personal injury lawyer are essential.

Generally, people are under the impression that a personal injury lawyer only manages car accident cases. That is not the complete truth. This lawyer comes to rescue and help when you get hurt or injured because of another person’s fault. A serious injury resulting from a car accident can also lead to death. The lawyer needs to use his skills and expertise so that his client gets the deserved compensation. To know more, you need to get in touch with Dennis Hernandez Tampa car lawyer

Personal injury lawyer and unintentional torts 

It typically includes cases that have signs of negligence! Here the other person fails to act sensibly, which harms another individual. The tort cases are generally civil cases, where the plaintiff wants correct judgment for receiving compensation for injuries and losses. In the case of the unintentional torts, the defenders had no intention to cause any harm to plaintiffs. There is some form of negligence involved. Perhaps they didn’t take apt care and caution, which led to the accident. And if the personal injury attorney proves the defendant’s negligence, then he/she needs to compensate for the victim’s losses and medical bills. 

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Some of the legal cases that a personal injury lawyer works on include the following:

  • Motor vehicle accidents

Generally, car accidents are what come most under personal injury instances. And such cases usually allege another person who didn’t drive carefully, that led to the accident and injured the plaintiff. 

  • Pedestrian accidents

The lawyers also take on cases where pedestrians get injured. The injuries here can be fatal and impact a person’s ability to bounce back to their ordinary course of life.

  • Premises liability 

Usually, this case gets known more as “trip and fall” or “slip and fall”! However, it includes an example where a person causes harm to another individual’s property. The fundamental theory for this clause is that the property owner was not careful, and they failed to provide a secure space for guests and visitors.

  • Medical malpractice 

Here a person claims that a doctor in concern fails to cater to the apt standard for offering a treatment which results in injury.

  • Neglect you face in a nursing home

It is when nursing homes fail to offer the best care, which in turn results in health issues, injury, malnourishment, and also death. There are several nursing home injury instances, with intentional torts that result in financial, emotional, and physical abuse.

These are some of the essential legal cases that personal injury lawyers usually take on! They assess each situation individually and analyze the scopes and limitations of the same. And based on that, the lawyer arranges for investigation, interviews, and other tools that will help them to present the case at court and ensure their client’s get justice.