Monday, July 4, 2022
NewsFashion blogger shocked after allegedly receiving "dirty sock" inside her ASOS boots

Fashion blogger shocked after allegedly receiving “dirty sock” inside her ASOS boots

A “HORRIFIED” ASOS customer has claimed to have found a “dirty sock” inside a pair of her brand new £45 boots.

George Grace has over 11k followers on Instagram

Fashion and beauty blogger, Georgia Grace, who has more than 11,000 followers on Instagram, says she is still shocked after receiving the “gross” delivery.

The 22-year-old from Watford, Hertfordshire tweeted pictures of the boots and the sock inside the ASOS parcel she received.

Writing to the online retailer on Twitter, she wrote: “Imagine – I ordered some boots off of ASOS and I went to take the padding out to try them on and they have sent me them with a dirty sock in. Absolutely vile.

“Where are your hygiene regulations?”

She later added: “I went on the online chat about it and they told me to send them back no apology nothing. So so so so vile. Actually want to be sick.”

She posted an image showing her full unopened ASOS parcel alongside one with the crumpled up black sock still inside the shoe box, next to the stuffing that Georgia took out of the boots to try them on.

Georgia claims she did not initially receive an apology and was simply told to return the shoes.

The sock was found inside a boot when Georgia was removing the stuffing

After calling the company she said she was given the explanation “our warehouse is busy”, and again just told to send them back.

Speaking today, Georgia claimed she could tell the new boots “had been worn” previously.

She said: “I was trying to find some boots for winter that were plain.

“So I ordered three pairs of boots, one pair didn’t come.

“One pair was wrapped in plastic and the other which were tall black lace up boots weren’t.

“I unlaced them and tried to pull out the stuff they put in it to stop them creasing at the bottom I pulled out a dirty black sock that someone had left in there.

“You could tell that it had been worn.

“I contacted ASOS first on a live chat and got no apology – they told me their warehouse is busy and I should send them back.

Georgia said the sock had definitely been worn

“Then I called them and they just said sorry but that’s it. When I tried to say it wasn’t good enough on the chat, they just asked me, “is there anything else I can help you with?

“I was so disgusted someone’s obviously worn these boots and they’ve not even checked what’s in them.

“It’s so unhygienic, I was absolutely horrified. For them to not even apologise at first and then make excuses made it even worse.”

“So I’ve boxed them up to send them back.

“I’m honestly still shocked, it was so gross.”

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