“Time to wake up England” clip shows man being attacked during mass street brawl


SHOCKING footage has emerged of a young man being attacked in a mass street brawl in Leeds city centre.

The video shows a man huddled in a ball on the ground as a number of men punch and kick him on the ground.

Two bystanders are seen trying to break up the attack as other witnesses watch in horror during the incident which happened on New Briggate in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

The clip was filmed by an eyewitness who wishes to remain anonymous. They posted the video to Facebook saying: “Assault on New Briggate 01/10/2019.”

The footage shows shocked bystanders watching on as a group men start attacking a man on the street.

The thugs pin the man to a fence and each take it in turns to strike the man who desperately tries to defend himself.

A woman is caught up in the commotion and can be seen screaming in distress.

The gang of thugs leave the man in a heap on the street as some bystanders come to his aid.

The gang flee the scene running away in all directions.

The video has angered many people in the comments.

Kayleigh-ann Fallowfield said: “What the f*** that was so uncalled for and since when was five + against one fair daft c***.”

Sylwia Jarosz added: “Time to wake up England.”

The shocking scene was caught by an anonymous witness

Ann Martin wrote: “Cowards picking on one man.”

Tamala Dean said: “Bet the parents of these animals are proper proud. I’d be absolutely mortified if that was [my] child. Hope the poor boy is ok, karma will get them if his parents don’t.”

However, some have praised the bystander who stepped in to try and help the victim.

Ken Bee said: “That chap who went to help deserves a reward of some kind. Too many folk standing about filming. This chap showing real public spirit. To be applauded!”

Josh Russell added: “Well done to the work man and the guy from the shop. Need more people Willing to help like this.”

Nicola Dearlove wrote: “At least the old dude tried to help.”

Vanessa Cook said: “Big up to the guy that tried to help. Whilst everybody else just got their phones out. S****y world we live in.”

Police are aware of the incident.

A spokesman from West Yorkshire Police said: “Police were called to reports of an assault on New Briggate, Leeds at 3:40pm on Tuesday 1 October.

“Enquiries into the incident remain ongoing and any witnesses are asked to call police on 101 quoting log 1076 of Tuesday 1 October.”