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A quick look at Tottenham Hotspurs’ best players before Saturday clash with Southampton (Plus a casino pick for you)

Even with its tight budgets and limited resources, Tottenham is surely among the top football elites in the world. It is a club that has a number of top talented players though some of them may not have hit the headlines like other famous players. 

Spurs have a great selection to offer in any match. You can choose from stars like Lucas Moura, Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen, Hugo Harris, Son, Dele Alli, among many others. All these players are highly talented and could mean good performance in the next matches. 

As most fans are waiting for the upcoming 28th clash against Southampton, you would actually want to know that you have a star ready to make your bets bear fruits.

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In most cases, when people speak about top game-changers in Europe, the likes of Mohammed Salah, Antoine Griezman, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Eden Hazard automatically come on top. However, there is more than many fans think. Typically, many do not seem to recognize a top talented player by the name Heung-Min Son. 

In this season, there is no denying that the star has been performing well. But the sad thing is that the South Korean has been underestimated for a long time, especially since last season. He deserves more credit, but not many people realize that. 

If you have a keen look at what Son has done for Spurs in the recent matches, you will agree that he is among the top players who might drive the club up the ladder in the upcoming matches.

He has a good record of pure assists and scored goals in almost all his premier appearances.

A keen look at 2018-19 season will reveal how the 27-year-old has been of great importance to his club.

He is such a humble and wholehearted player. He applies his tactics intelligently, and his good work ethics proves he is one of those players expected to perform better this season. 

He has significantly reduced Kane’s burden a move which has offered Pochettino with an extra option for a striker in all his matches. He is ambitious enough to create great chances for scores and can be used on either side of the attack.

He links up effecti8vely with fellow teammates an ability that makes the Spurs stronger whenever he is in the lineup. Thus, he is truly the unsung hero of the Spurs. 

Bottom line

Hopefully, the upcoming match will be a great opportunity for Son to shine. Other players too will have to put more efforts to ensure they emerge winners. Fans on the other side are waiting to place their bets, and you would most likely pick Spurs.

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