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UncategorizedAutumn becomes even more golden with luxurious parties in Shangri La, Minsk

Autumn becomes even more golden with luxurious parties in Shangri La, Minsk

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Do you want autumn to be remembered for a long time? Then visit one of Shangri La’s luxurious parties. In Minsk, the casino network holds them every week. Parties dubbed Saturdays in the style of Golden Autumn, so there is a luxurious atmosphere.

The general culinary bias of the party does not hurt to enjoy exquisite music, exotic menus from different parts of the world and an interesting show. Well, 15 thousand bonuses is a nice addition for guests!

Casino Shangri La is famous in Belarus and its capital, not least for its luxurious parties. The culinary bias of the evening allows you to enjoy the interesting experiments results based on world cuisines recipes.

Even gourmets will be surprised by the buffet reception from the famous casino. Also, experts praised the work level of the unit of Michael Boettcher’s Storm International. This is one of the reasons Shangri La has been awarded the title “Choice of the Year” for the sixth year in a row.

Image: Michal Parzuchowski on Unsplash

The middle of July 2019 was marked by a party in honor of the first Shangri La casino anniversary in the Belarussian capital. 10 years is already serious, and the Chayf group has also seriously rocked the guests.

The evening highlight was 100 thousand reasons for satisfying the thirst for adrenaline, which were presented by the heroes of the day. Well, the kitchen on this day pleased with real delicacies!

Let’s remember the theme of Golden Autumn parties. The season beginning was marked by a hot Saturday under the sign of pizza and pasta. Well, where without sauces? Here they submitted secret ones from Italy! In mid-September, a magnificent party was held with the Russian cuisine theme.

Next you will find German and farm subjects. A lot of meat and interesting dishes – just what men needs! This feast of the belly will later be replaced by Chinese cuisine, and then Her Majesty Italy will again enter the stage. A theme party called the Lexus Show and 75,000 km drive is also planned.

Of course, food is not the main thing in a casino. A show, a buffet reception is wonderful, but the main purpose of a casino trip is a great holiday.

Roulette, slot machines or poker are waiting for you on any of the Saturdays, as, however, on other days. Saturday differs from ordinary days by the availability of bonuses!

Comfortable casino for games and leisure

The Belarusian casino is widely known not only in the capital and in the country, but also abroad. There are special tours to this casino. And all thanks to the fact that there is the right atmosphere, unforgettable shows and all of your favorite games.

The fact that the casino is a network part always speaks of its status. Indeed, in any branch, they adhere to the principles voiced by Darren Keane, Storm International CEO.

You can enjoy games with varying degrees of privacy – both general and VIP rooms work. Classic games and the most modern slot machines will be brought to your attention. And all this combined with exquisite drinks from the bar and dishes from the chef Marc Ulrich. VIP parties are also held, where everything is still cooler!

What else makes this casino special is its point system. Any player makes a bet, and each bet, whether it is an automatic machine, roulette or a card game, brings points to the player’s account.

The trick is that bonus points are awarded in any case, whether you won or not. Therefore, more bets mean more points. You can spend these bonuses on the game or any establishment’s services.

VIP parties in Shangri La Minsk

Gambling residents of the capital and casino guests like bright parties. In life, so often there is not enough holiday, but here you can get into its atmosphere even on weekdays, at least on weekends.

Top groups, actors, magicians, dance shows, endless contests – all this combined with bonuses makes the casino hot in any season!

Hurry up on Golden autumn on Saturdays in Shangri La, the best casino in Minsk. You will not regret about the time spent here and will remember it for many years.

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