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NewsAmazed Aldi shopper discovers massive bran flake the size of a cereal...

Amazed Aldi shopper discovers massive bran flake the size of a cereal bowl

A STUNNED shopper has shared hilarious pictures of an Aldi bran flake the size of a cereal bowl.

Ange Parker discovered the phenomenal flake in her 83p box of Harvest Moon bran flakes.

The teacher from Worcester reckons the supersized cereal is 12 times the size of a normal flake.

Ange, 38, bought the packet on October 4 at her local Aldi. Inside she discovered one of the flakes was 12cm long.

A tickled Ange took to Facebook to share the image with the retailer.

Bran flake
Ange is a regular buyer of bran flakes but has never seen one this size

She posted her snap with the caption: “Harvest Moon Bran Flakes have grown!”.

In the photo, Ange’s 8-year-old daughter India can be seen holding the two flakes for comparison.

Aldi’s Facebook team responded to her post saying: “Hi Ange, that’s one mega bran flake you found there. We’re sorry to see this, and we’ll pass your feedback on to our colleagues here.”

Ange regularly purchases the Harvest Moon Bran Flakes, but confirmed nothing like this had happened before.

Speaking today, she said: “My two kids Oscar and India were ridiculously excited to find such a giant bran flake.

“They put twelve normal bran flakes on top.

“There’s so much horrid news you cant beat a giant bran flake to brighten things up!”

Ange’s giant flake is not unique however.

Last year 8-year-old Oliver Broadfield was bowled over by the discovery of a similarly large flake in his Aldi cereal.

And in 2017, a dad from West Bridford, Nottinghamshire claimed to have found the “world’s biggest” bran flake in his box of Kellogg’s cereal.

Steven Marriott claimed he was going to try and sell the 14cm by 10cm snack after he saw that another man had earned £1000 by selling his own oversize cereal find on eBay.

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